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Foto på Kızlarağası Hanı
Kızlarağası Hanı34 lokalinvånare rekommenderar
Foto på Karşıyaka Bazaar
Karşıyaka Bazaar9 lokalinvånare rekommenderar
Foto på Kordon Alsancak Izmir
Kordon Alsancak Izmir60 lokalinvånare rekommenderar
Foto på Konak Pier
Konak Pier25 lokalinvånare rekommenderar
Foto på Kemeraltı Çarşısı
Kemeraltı Çarşısı134 lokalinvånare rekommenderar
Foto på Izmir Clock Tower
Izmir Clock Tower13 lokalinvånare rekommenderar

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Hiking on the Holy Ancient Road to Mary's House, Ephesus
Join Tuğba and Tolga on one of the most beautiful trails in Selçuk, İzmir and create memories you cannot forget. We will hike up the mountain road and explore the holy trails of Ephesus-Mimas Ancient Way. Get away from the crowd and take in magnificent views. We will meet at Selçuk or Çamlık (İzmir) train stations at 07:30am. All this, and we will hike for about 8 kilometers. The terrain will be mixed so come prepared. This trail is fun for moderate walkers/hikers, but it requires a moderate amount of exercise capacity. In the beginning, we will have tea and eat our breakfast sandwiches. When we return, we'll end our time together at a cafe by the train station. Most importantly, we wish to have fun and enjoy nature together! We must also remember to respect nature and collect our trash. Finally, this event is co-hosted by Tolga and Tuğba. See you soon!
Taste Authentic Turkish Cuisine in Old Town; Food Tour Izmir
- A special culinary experience - Top local delicacies - Walk through hidden alleys, dive into the culture, hear personal stories from my childhood. * Meet me at the local market in old town for an exclusive tour. * Try 15+ authentic flavors in 7+ traditional places. * Taste what you have not tasted before. - This is the first and original food tour in Izmir. - Check the reviews, choose accordingly. - Satisfaction guaranteed. * I encourage sustainable tourism; contributing to local economy. * You have a positive social impact, supporting small, family businesses. * We visit the oldest restaurants, food sellers, continuing tradition through generations. By the end, you will have: - Full stomach (in case not, we continue extra time, with additional stops for free), - Tried unique cuisine, escalated your appreciation for Turkish food to the next level, - Better understanding of the customs, with insider knowledge from a local. * 2-3 tours every week are 15% cheaper to support budget travelers. I have been one, so I know. * Find those dates in the calendar to save a bit. * Same high quality as usual. - While you will hear historical info and stories, please keep in mind this is a food tour; NOT an in-depth history tour. - If you want to have an evening tour (18:30-22:00) in a different neighborhood, ask me! - 20% discount for second tour (classical one + evening).
Feel local and enjoy in Izmir
I will greet you enthusiastically, we will have a chat to get to know each other well and you will explain your interests and desires about travelling and seeing Izmir city. I'll share interesting facts about Izmir, local culture, history, where the locals go, and food and even where you can even get special discounts. In addition I will check for free cultural festivals in case you want to attend and enjoy. We will start our discovery from "İzmir Clock Tower" which is considered as the main landmark of the city. Then we will calk through the long Kemeralti Bazar where I will help you find bargains and buy souvenirs. We can also taste delicious Tea ,"Gevrek" and Turkish coffee. If you prefer, we can eat Turkish Pizza or Doner as well (fee is not inculded ). Next we will take the tramway (fee is not included) or walk by the seaside to visit the Historical Elevator "Asansör" which was built in 1907 as a work of public service in order to ease passage from the narrow coastline of Karataş to the hillside. After that I will take you to he Historical Karantina Park where tourists are normally not aware of. However there are a couple of beautiful historical buildings and seaside park. In this park you'll feel as a local who is enjoying the sunset. So put n your sunglasses and grab your camera and let's have enjoy a unique experience. (Upon request: Alacati, Cesme for next day)
Explore the İzmir riding a horse
PLEASE SEND A MESSAGE BEFORE TO BOOKING "The ride is suitable both for beginners and experts - we will be there to help you! You will receive a small training and you'll be guided throughout this exciting excursion. " Our experience will start with a quick training before getting on the horse, to make everyone comfortable and understand how the horse behave and how we can get relaxed on them. Finally the real fun will begin by exploring the valley. The ride lasts usually about 20-30 minutes For the finale you will enjoy cold drinks! Other things to note Is your first time riding a horse?No worries at all,I'll be really happy to introduce you in this magic and amazing world! If you don't find an available date feel free to contact us! Price includes: Riding a horse Transportation Photo shoot Cold drink
Ephesus: Small Group Tour
PLEASE SEND MESSAGE BEFORE BOOKING I'm a photographer who loves to travel and explore amazing places. In this experience, you will be able to reach Ephesus in the safest and cheapest way, and you will be able to collect unforgettable memories with professional photo shoots. We will meet first at Basmane train station. Then we will go to Ephesus with a train journey of 1 hour and 20 minutes. At the entrance, I will help you to buy the tickets and we will go on a historical journey in the ancient city. After visiting Ephesus, we will drive to Selçuk and have a delicious Turkish meal at a local restaurant. After lunch, we will return to Izmir. Other things to watch out for I am not a history guide, I will help you reach Ephesus safely and cheaply. and I will take your professional photos. I organize different experiences, you can find it on my profile. Airbnb doesn't allow me to host experiences at the same time, so please send me a message to find out the days and times. Price includes: All train tickets Photo shoot Lunch
Taste authentic Aegean food from a professional chef
Do you want to taste authentic Aegean dishes and learn about the local Turkish cuisine? Do you want to know where to eat in İzmir and what to eat in İzmir? Join us where I'll prepare an Aegean spread for you - from mezes to local cheese, homemade bread, and many more! I am a professional cook who loves to host dinners for friends and family - and now, you are invited to be a part of our table! I'll host you at my own place where I live with my husband, Serhat, occasionally he will be joining us for the meal and be my commis-de-cuisine :) The menu changes as the season changes as I cook with the local produce, so you'll also learn about the area's unique produce and taste them! The dishes you'll taste will not be something you can see at the classic restaurants here. I like to take a traditional dish and cook it my way - and I'll explain every dish in detail before dinner including the techniques and ingredients I use. You'll be able to taste local foods prepared uniquely at home by a local chef. This experience can be designed according to your needs. Do you need drinks? Do you want to taste a specific dish? Do you follow a certain diet? Do you enjoy breakfast, lunch, or dinner? Just let me know and I'll come up with a special menu for you! Please message me for a date and time for your experience if there is no availability on the calendar. Hope to see you soon!
Glorious Ephesus and Mary's House
Visiting the local villiges and pick the fruits of the season and then do Turkish wine tasting at one of the local winery ( from 15 Euros to 25 Euros, 3 to 5 types of wine) At Sirince fruit or ordinary wine tasting is free but too commercial. Visiting Ephesus Ancient City, Temple of Artemis and House of the Virgin Mary. Walking around the local farmers’ market. Visiting a village to watch locals where they are producing wool threads and silk warms and dying them making handicrafts using silk and wool threads. Visiting a local seramic workshop to watch and learn how to make pottery with local white clay. Taking the advantage of being at the hub of leather goods products at outlets. Other things to note: for more than 3 guests and private bookings transportation is included. I wil be holding a paper on which your name is written so that you can recognize me to meet.
Wine Tasting Tour at Two Wineries
We will visit 2 wineries of "Urla Wine Route" project with a small group. I will pick you up from city centre and drive to Urla, which is the one of the most famous wine locations in Turkey. In each winery, we will see wineyards, production facilities and taste different wines. And then I will drop you back to the city centre. If you are tired of the common tastes and ready for new experiences, this tour will help you broaden your horizon!
Alaçatı And Çeşme Tour
PLEASE MESSAGE BEFORE BOOKING I'm a photographer who loves to travel and explore amazing places. In this experience, you will be able to reach Çeşme in the safest and cheapest way and collect unforgettable memories with professional photo shoots. If you are staying in the city centre, I will pick you up from your hotel. Then we will go to Çeşme by bus. Our first stop will be Çeşme Castle, we will be able to see the whole city from a bird's eye view and we will take great photos there. After visiting Çeşme, we will go to Alaçatı and take an incredible journey through the beautiful streets of Alaçatı. If you are interested in shopping I will take you to a great local market. and at the end of the tour we will have a cold drink and rest. Other things to watch out for I organize different experiences, you can find them on my profile. Airbnb doesn't allow me to host experiences at the same time, so please send me a message to find out the days and times.
No Diet Club of Old Town
Let's explore the Old Town and its special deliciouses! Please write me your food choice before you come. I will personalize the tour according to your food habits! Here are some samples of taste from our tour: -Kind of Ottaman pastes (Marzipan, Pistoche etc.) -Olive Oil Appetizers (Mezes with yoghurt or artichoke) -Types of street pastries (Boyoz) -Historical Bazaar Cold Cut (Boiled offals) -Famous pickle juice of the old town -Seafood unique to Old Town and İzmir (Mussels, kinds of some fish from the Agean Sea) -Black mulberry juice -Kazandibi (kinds of turkish custard) -Sambali (special old town street sweet) -Special Turkish coffee cooked on the sand What do locals eat? How would you like to listen to the stories about here? Do you need a list of serious recommendations in izmir? We will taste the sweets and dishes of the city in the historical Kemeraltı bazaar in the center of Izmir. While I continue to taste these unique flavors, I will tell you their story as well as discovering the historical structures in Kemeraltı bazaar. --- ARE YOU HUNGRY?, BETTER CALL FURKAN! :)
Learn Turkish cuisine from a Turkish Chef Mom
Hello, We are inviting you to join our Turkish kitchen experience with my mom. Our chef is my mom! Yes, she is a Turkish cuisine chef, she used to have a traditional food restaurant. So she knows what she is doing. We will learn typical turkish foods like "yaprak sarması" and "mercimek köftesi" they are both vegan foods so any vegan/vegetarian are welcome to this experience. We will eat the food we did al together after the workshop. Merhaba, Sizi annemle Türk mutfağı deneyimimize katılmaya davet ediyoruz. Şefimiz benim annem! Evet, o bir Türk mutfağı şefi, eskiden geleneksel bir yemek restoranı vardı. Yani ne yaptığını biliyor. :) Her ikisi de vegan yiyecekler olan "yaprak sarması" ve "mercimek köftesi" gibi tipik Türk yemeklerini öğreneceğiz, bu nedenle vegan/vejetaryen kişiler bu deneyime gönül rahatlığıyla katılabilir. Yaptığımız yemekleri atölyeden sonra hep birlikte yiyeceğiz.
İzmir photo session
PLEASE SEND A MESSAGE BEFORE TO BOOKING Are you traveling alone and don't want to ask a stranger to take a picture of you in every place you like? Are you a couple on a romantic trip who wants to have a memorable photo shoot? Or maybe you are a bunch of friends who want to have an awesome picture of all of you without taking a selfie once in a while?) Then a personal photographer is a right choice! We will meet up at the city center and go to explore the heart of the city, enjoy the rhythm and lifestyle of the old neighborhoods. It will be a comfortable, relaxed walk with a professional photographer as your personal paparazzi. I will give you some tips on how to act naturally in front of a camera, and avoid standard posing. We will avoid beaten paths and crowded touristic places so you would feel very uninhibited during the whole photoshoot! To see our work, check the instagram: @ahenkmedya Please be aware that it's a group photo shoot (up to 4 people), but you also can book a private experience! I cannot add dates because I have more than one tour, if you couldn't see the date that suits you, send me a message.
Great Exploring of Ephesus
Firstly, we will meet in the downtown. Then we will drive to the south, Efes, nearly 100 km away to İzmir. THE EPHESUS;We'll explore Ephesus,one of the most beautiful and historical place. While walking on the streets, we'll travel trough the history of 2000 years. I'll guide you about the history, culture, religion, cuisine, life style of the people lived in Ephesus. Also the architectural structure and agriculture in Ephesus are amazing, we'll talk about them. ŞİRİNCE VİLLAGE; We'll also visit Sirince,an old Greek village. While walking around, you'll feel the journey to the past. We'll see how the wine is made because this place is known with its wines.We'll not only visit the historical wine cellars but also taste the local food made by villagers, also you can taste the handmade wines (by the way, İ will not be able to accompany you, because İ will drive.)You will get amazed by the hospitality of the local people.
Kemeraltı Gourmet Tour
Are you ready to taste the wonderful food and drinks of our country. We will meet in front of the clock tower at 14 o'clock and taste 10 kinds of food and at least 4 kinds of drinks in the historical Kemeraltı bazaar, which will last for about 3 hours. First of all, we will eat our indispensable stuffed mussels and a glass of pickle juice. Our Traditional Pickle is a fermented healty beverage and the shop in Kemeraltı has been selling pickles for many years. We will taste soup, kebab and dessert varieties in a small kebab shop that has been operated for 4 generations and then we will visit historical places such as the synagogue street. Then we will drink Turkish coffee and sahlep in the Kizlaragasi inn, which remained in the Ottoman period. You can be sure that it will be a tour where you will learn our culture and You will leave with good memories. .
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Instagram Professional PhotoVideo
Your chance to Book "THE BEST & COOLEST" photoshoot in iZMiR with an "English Speaker Professional Photographer" We meet in the center of IZMIR & immediately go on a shoot hunt of picturesque streets, historical spots & corners of the city. In each place, we will create beautiful shoots, so you will have an amazing & unique memory from IZMIR. ANOTHER SPOT & DIFFERENT LOOK : You can change Outfits and bring Accesories. I will send you 90+ pics in SAME DAY! + 10 Soft Edited pics INCLUDED! If you haven't been on a photo shoot before DON'T WORRY, I will help you look natural & feel comfortable in front of the camera. Solo • Couple • Family • Groups • Social Media • Honeymoon • Fashion • Boundoir • Sports Here are My Works Insta : kivanc_alp Web : kivancturkalp. com/ • Pls send a message before booking for availability • Please read the following points : 1. The booking unit is calculated by "Per Guest" not per group. 2. Total tour time is 50 min. Pls send a msg for LONGER tours. (90 - 120 min). 3. Short ViDEO CLIPS can be added 4. Pls be on time and arrive 10 mins earlier the scheduled time. 5. Pls check my Other Experiences!
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