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Walking down our road
Walking down our road
  • Walking down our road
  • The mudroom which is the entranceway to the apartment.
  • You have a full working kitchen with pots, pans, and importantly, wineglasses.
  • Another view of the kitchen but also notice that the stairs up to the loft are not visible in this picture.
  • And now they are. They pull down from the ceiling.
  • The loft - with a single bed on the left and a double bed on the right.
  • The open futon and a really comfy chaise lounge.
  • This table serves for dining or as a work space.
  • Your bathroom - there is a shower stall behind that partial wall.
  • A view from the down stairs queen futon out to your porch.
  • Your porch in the .summer months
  • View from your porch.
  • Lilac season is late May.
  • One of Renee's flower beds up by the main road.
  • A view from one of the side gardens.
  • This is the Blue House that gives our Farm its name. Built on the same measurements as Thoreau's cabin. Available to paint, write, or dream in.
  • View from inside the Blue House.
  • The Ladies - we always give you fresh eggs to cook up in your apartment.
  • Our latest garden - all the way in the back.
  • This is the graveyard hidden in the forest which is part of a hike that you can take from the back of our property.
  • World famous Elmer's - great for breakfast, a very good hamburger, and a cold beer.
  • The Ashfield Lake House - awesome food and a good bar to belly up to.
  • The Ashfield Lake House's dining porch - not to be missed on a summer's eve.
  • Ashfield Lake
  • We are beautiful in every season.
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Walking down our road