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The wonderful bathroom of the rising sun
The wonderful bathroom of the rising sun
  • In a quiet Japanese style room that is so fantastic with paper sliding door & thick iron door preventing heavy rain or storm.
  • UsefuI kitchen with IH heater and other all kinds of utensils.
  • The wonderful bathroom of the rising sun
  • White two-storied charming house that is located quiet residential area.
  • There is a fantastic forest nearby.
  • This is so called 床の間(Tokono-ma) .; traditional Japanese style wooden space for seasonal flowers and plants in a tranquil, peaceful atmosphere.
  • For fresh air and relaxing, you can stay here. ; wooden deck space with full of sun shine.
  • Beautiful dining table is available in the living room.
  • The Pork Cutlet Shop SABOTEN: It is close to Edogawadai Sta. East Exit that takes 8 min from my place.
  • Dampuling Shop KAEDE(楓): It is famous for its exquisite dumplings.
  • Gyoza Shop KAEDE(楓): It is famous for its delicious Gyoza(dumplings with minced pork and vegetable stuffing) near Edogawadai Sta. East Exit.
  • Ramen Shop KAEDE(楓): You can enjoy eating noodles near Edogawadai Sta. East Exit.
  • The Butcher Shop: near Edogawadai Sta. East Exit
  • Japanese Restaurant SHICHIRIN (しちりん): You can enjoy beef, hormone meat dishes(charcoal-grilled yakiniku).
  • One-coin Shop: You can buy anything you need in your daily life and every item costs  just one coin, 100 JPY.
  • In the exotic and stylish bedroom you can have a good night sleep in the peaceful atomsphere.
  • The stylish wood deck open space
  • The gentle LED lightness is always welcoming you.
  • The cute things will greet you at the entrance.
  • The friend from France gave me the wonderful present of fantastic flavors * les Anis de Flavigny*.
  • The charms of ninja arts: the Bujinkan Dojo is close to my place taking 18 min.  Masaaki Hatsumi appears on TV many times with the fame of the title  * The 100 Most Respected Japanese People in the World* featured in a 2007 edition of Newsweek Japan.
  • The comfortable living room
  • The living room is available for having meals and relaxing.
  • The pretty washroom
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The wonderful bathroom of the rising sun