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  • Front walkway with alley parking-should I talk about all my plants?
  • The smart lock is a great idea-so happy I installed this. Arctic entry way has a coat closet too. Nice colors!
  • Living room
  • Dining room
  • Entry to kitchen/hallway
  • Bar with wi-fi
  • Good kitchen lighting
  • Gas range w/hood
  • Breakfast bar to kitchen
  • Bathroom is fully tiled and even has a ceiling light!
  • Bathroom supplies
  • Bedroom
  • Bedroom w/blackout drapes
  • Bedroom w/closet
  • Laundry room, ironing board, washing supplies
  • Pantry/linen/supplies
  • JoAnna's tigers
  • Pulsitillas in late Spring
  • Street view-expect some traffic at work times plus kids playing about...just a typical urban neighborhood. There will be some noise from the small plane airport nearby.
  • Maltese Cross and Blue grass
  • Back entry from alley-address quite visible.
  • Hey, next door is just as nice!
  • You'll see me around a lot working on the yard.
  • Mixing food and plants in my tall garden-the berm reduces any traffic noise.
  • We always peek out the back window to see what's happening.
  • Super nice lighting here, both ceiling, wall and even in the shower there's light!
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