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Bedroom 1 Master Bedroom: Read a book as you  get ready to sleep!
Bedroom 1 Master Bedroom: Read a book as you  get ready to sleep!
  • Welcome to this gorgeous home that provides you with  a serene experience. Your  kids will enjoy playing in the  beautiful lawn.
  • Enjoy the spectacular lake and Golf course views
  • Bedroom 1 Master Bedroom: Read a book as you  get ready to sleep!
  • Relax in the lounge on the comfortable and beautiful sofas as you listen to music on You tube!
  • Indulge yourself with the family in a sumptuous meal in this lovely dining
  • Glimpse of the Mirembe Villas Gated community were the house is located
  • Play Golf in the Lake Victoria Serena Golf Resort which is a five star hotel just 3 minutes from the house.  (courtesy of hotel)
  • ✱Gorgeus lake & Golfcourse Views ✱Gated Community✱
  • This lovely dinning room opens up to the kitchen making  serving meal times convenient
  • Enjoy family time in this beautiful lounge area. Indulge in a wide selection of television entertainment on Netflix
  • Guest Bathroom: The guest bathroom also has provision for you to do your laundry
  • ✱Gorgeus lake & Golfcourse Views ✱Gated Community✱
  • Enjoy a cup of coffee as you prepare to start your day
  • ✱Gorgeus lake & Golfcourse Views ✱Gated Community✱
  • Bedroom 1 Master Bedroom: Enjoy great dreams in the comfort of this room without the worry of mosquitos
  • Bedroom 1 Master Bedroom
  • Bedroom 1 Master Bedroom: Ladies will love the dresser and the storage space that it comes with it making life easy!
  • Master bedroom shower has enough storage space for your toiletries
  • Bedroom 2: The serene quiet environment & comfort of the bed allows for good night sleep
  • Bedroom 2: Experience comfort and relaxation from a busy day in this small cozy room.
  • Bedroom 3: Your kids will love this room branded with their favourite characters.
  • Bedroom 3: Adequate storage is available even for the kids!
  • Shower time will be enjoyable in this lovely bathroom
  • ✱Gorgeus lake & Golfcourse Views ✱Gated Community✱
  • The steps up stairs are elegant!
  • This could be you enjoying watching golf as you relax
  • Imagine winding down the day after a long day taking a glass of wine or a cup of coffee while viewing the spectacular and Golf course as the sun sets.
  • ✱Gorgeus lake & Golfcourse Views ✱Gated Community✱
  • Take an evening stroll within the gated community were the house is located- (Photo courtesy of Mirembe Villas)
  • Enjoy the great views of kigo!
  • ✱Gorgeus lake & Golfcourse Views ✱Gated Community✱
  • Immerse yourself with great views of Serena five star hotel (In Back ground) and Golf course
  • Enjoy the great view of lake and the golf course
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Bedroom 1 Master Bedroom: Read a book as you get ready to sleep!