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Parking place
Parking place
  • Pool just outside with jacuzzi and childrens pool
  • A coconut floating in the waves
  • Parking place
  • Lots of fine food and restaurants
  • The never ending beach
  • Second showerroom
  • Second showerroom
  • Big comfy sofas
  • Welcome to the terrace
  • Large pool area
  • Poolview from the terrace
  • Tv, dvd and surround system
  • Shower room
  • Oven, stove, microwave oven, fridge, coffe maker and freezer
  • Have a massage at the beach
  • Have a cold one in one of many beach restaurants
  • Fin villa i underbart lugn miljö
  • Fin villa i underbart lugn miljö
  • In the countryside
  • Fin villa i underbart lugn miljö
  • The fantastic beach
  • One of many beach restaurants
  • Strolling aling the beach
  • One of two pools
  • One two nearby national parks
  • The famous falls of the nationalpark during dry season
  • A scooter is the perfect way to explore the area
  • Lots of plantages
  • Big comfy bed 1
  • Big comfy bed 2
  • Third bedroom
  • Luscious garden
  • The built out main entrence
  • Pool view
  • Sun chairs included
  • Big pool
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Parking place