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Wool carpet, rusty orange colour makes the lounge area cozy.. Plenty of space to read a book and enjoy the tranquil farm life.
Wool carpet, rusty orange colour makes the lounge area cozy.. Plenty of space to read a book and enjoy the tranquil farm life.
  • All furniture and decoration are antique or selected over the years with care, the atmosphere is rustic and genuine. Floors have been walked on since mid 1700 hundreds.. Now it's for you to feel at home here!
  • Wool carpet, rusty orange colour makes the lounge area cozy.. Plenty of space to read a book and enjoy the tranquil farm life.
  • The new beige sofa is a fold out bed, comfortable to sleep in. Makes a double bed.
  • Sofa and lounge area with orange carpet in front of the beige sofa.
  • Charming farmhouse, rustic & unique for 2-16 pers!
  • The open kitchen is painted with traditional linseed paint, and is fully equipped. It has a stove, fridge, micro, coffee machine, dishwasher etc. It's the heart of the farm house and it's lovely to cook there with full interaction! The table is from China where I used to live, it's said to be 800 years old. Great breakfast hangout!
  • Sofabed is the beige one on the left side. Comfortable to sit in too!
  • The entrance is to the right, the chest of drawers and bench is also good for storage/usage. The deer horn hanging there is from our farm, you will see three types of deer at our farm in the fields.  The two bedrooms face the lounge area.
  • Charming farmhouse, rustic & unique for 2-16 pers!
  • Entrance
  • The entry door is to the left and the wood desk is where the head of the farm would sign in and out all bags of grain that was carried in our out of the farmhouse. It was built in 1780, and we are happy the house is no longer full of grain but instead can host guests from all over the world!
  • Chinese scroll with Herons, at our farm you can often see them from May to end of September in the fields.
  • The open kitchen seen from the sofa corner with orange carpet and beige sofa. To the right is a door that leads into the lawn/grass with chairs and table. 2 Sun beds are also available.
  • This is our main house at the estate, the farm house is close to this hill with three houses. I live in the house to the right with my family, and my father and his partner lives in the main building. At the farm we have several houses we let on a yearly basis.
  • This is the stable, which is opposite to the farmhouse. We usually keep a few horses over the summer and you will see us taking care of them or they will graze around the farmhouse, come over and pat them if you like.
  • This shows a bit of the scenery that surrounds the farm, vast space to enjoy nature!
  • The farmhouse is on the right, next to it is the old drying station for crops. It will not be in use while you are staying with us. To the left you see one of the horse pastures.
  • The scenery just outside the farmhouse. There are many options, you can freely walk anywhere you like. There are many great small roads or paths to use for walks, hiking, biking or running. Some thru the forest and some thru fields and meadows.
  • Second lounge area on the first floor, just beside the kitchen. Good place to hang out with a glas of wine or cup of coffee?
  • The great wooden table in front of the open kitchen,  here you will find time to relax, talk, listen to each other and think new thoughts in the welcoming and unique farmhouse!
  • Charming farmhouse, rustic & unique for 2-16 pers!
  • Charming farmhouse, rustic & unique for 2-16 pers!
  • Doing the dishes with a view over the farm and in close contact with the Swedish nature.
  • Table, chairs and sun chairs for you to use. Also two sun beds are available for lazy days in the summer, plus sun umbrella. The lake is 900 meters away.
  • The open kitchen overlooks the entire first floor. Cook and be in contact with all, very social and the kitchen has plenty of glasses, plates and all you need to serve many friends or family members!
  • The second bedroom on the first floor. Outside is the lounge area with cosy sofas, armchair corner for reading or relaxation.
  • Our antique bed for children is usually very popular for kids 3-12, can be adjusted lengthwise for a perfect fit.
  • Cosy corner, filled bookshelves and close to the fake fire place!
  • Charming farmhouse, rustic & unique for 2-16 pers!
  • Second bedroom on the first floor. Chinese carpet, mirror, new beds, armchair covered with wool blanket and nature books. Take a good rest!
  • Right side of the first bedroom on the first floor.
  • On the second floor there are two lounge areas (each has a fold out sofa bed). This is the first lounge area you reach as you walked up the stairs.
  • First lounge area, on the second floor. To the left is the blue sofa bed that can also turn into a double bed. So two sofas in this lounge area.
  • First bedroom on the second floor, corner room. Good views overlooking our stable and pastures.
  • Middle bedroom on second floor, with view of the Manor House and gardens.
  • We love details, to do our best in order for the farmhouse to be an inspiring, relaxing and well taken care of home away from home!
  • The shower is on the second floor, and next to the shower room is a small open kitchen to the right -where you can wash your hands etc. On the left side is the eco toilet room.
  • Our eco toilet is easy to use and all organic. No water used, add only wood chips after usage. 
If you need to have a water flushing toilet you might prefer to book a hotel, we wish to describe clearly as well as we can the rustic feel/standard so you know in advance. 
To the right of the eco toilet room is the shower room, and it's also close to the small open kitchen where you can wash your hands/brush teeth.
  • The eco toilet room on the left, shower room on the right. First lounge area on the far left.
  • Bar/lounge area on the second floor. The sofa bed can also be turned into a double bed.
  • Lounge area, second floor.
  • Our bar on the second floor, next to the small kitchen.
  • On the third floor there is a 200 sqm area with plenty of free space! Dancing, quiet, yoga, discussions, party, Pilates, dinner.. you decide!
  • View over the stable from the third floor. Great spot in the early morning or evening, a quiet hideaway high up.
  • View towards the staircase, the desk/bar is on the right side. Tap and wash basin behind the desk/bar.
  • Stairs going down on the left side, desk/bar to the right. Plenty of space to use as you feel - 200 sqm floor space for meditation with small birds outside adding a natural sound, or put on music and dance, paint, write, do cart wheels like never before, disconnect, have a indoor picknick, hold hands, play your instrument, stretch or take just take a long nap..
  • A mix of Chinese chairs, my Grandfathers hunting gear, new mirrors, a long desk/bar and 300 year old floor planks.
  • Around our farm there are hundred of oak trees, some are 400 years old.
  • The quiet road leading down to the lake, a 900 meter stroll surrounded by unspoilt nature.
  • If you need extra beds we can also add beds to the third floor. A loofty suite, 200 sqm..
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Wool carpet, rusty orange colour makes the lounge area cozy.. Plenty of space to read a book and enjoy the tranquil farm life.