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“Historic place with traits of ancient Greece everywhere. The Parthenon. Many tourist shops, cafeterias, restaurants and sightseeings. ”
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“You can get a break between visiting historical places of Athens, A lot of high trees to protect you from the sun.”
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Övrigt friluftsliv
“Also called the Hill of the Muses, Filopappou Hill – along with the hills of the Pnyx and the Nymphs – is a somewhat wild, pine-shaded spot that's good for a stroll, especially at sunset. The hill also gives some of the best vantage points for photographing the Acropolis, and views to the Saronic Gulf.”
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Övrigt friluftsliv
“Climb up this hill. You can do it either on foot or using the comfortable cable car built inside. At the top, you will find a small but very important church and you can enjoy a 360 ° panorama”
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“Only 13 min (1.1 km) buy foot. Pedion Areos is a large park . You can run walk or have a pik nik in a real beautiful place . A green oasis in the athens hurt”
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Plaza för fotgängare
“For the Greeks in ancient Athens, the Theatre of Dionysus was a very important part of their lives. Today it is considered to be the place where European theatre had its beginnings. ”
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Historisk plats
“In urban Keramikos neighborhood you can get aquainted with a more underground Athens, many young people around, many quaint little bars and cafes, old houses, also street events.”
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“Breathtaking 360ᵒ view of Athens. You can walk up there if you feel it or you can use the cable car. Then you can either drink a coffee or have dinner there. ”
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Historisk plats
“It's an historical and cultural site you can't miss. It's a universal and timeless symbol of the classical Greek spirit and civilisation. ”
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“After lunch, walk around Lofos Strefi – the neighbourhood’s famous hill. A climb up the graffiti covered concrete steps and verdant fields to the top yields beautiful results: the view of surrounding Athens is rivalled only by the imposing and more touristy Lycabettus, which sits just behind Strefi. The hill is fairly unkempt, making parts of the terrain less stable than others, so make sure to take care when climbing down.”
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City Hall
“Beautiful green park located right next to the tram station, perfect for jogging or a walk. It opens daily. Winter hours; 6:00am- 21:00pm & Summer hours; 6:00am- 23:00pm There is also a circumferential bicycle lane.”
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“This park was created in 1908 in the Pagrati neighborhood, when locals planted a large section of land with pine trees. In 1936 the area was allocated to the Municipality of Athens, which continued planting the area with a wide variety of trees, bushes and other types of Mediterranean flora. The park was once home to a small zoo and a theatre with free performances. Today, the municipality is in charge of the park’s myriad recreational activities. Park entrances are located on Eftyxidou Street and at the junction of Eftyxidou and Spyrou Merkouri Streets.”
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“The green hill behind the Panathenaic Stadium whose foothills were crossed by the river Ilissus took its name from Ardettus, an ancient Athenian who resolved the differences between Athenians, and was the sacred site where the jurors took their oaths. There were important monuments on the hill like the Sanctuary of Tyche and the tomb of Herodes Atticus. Climbing to Ardettus with the paths among the pine trees is a rewarding experience due to the nature and the unique view to the city.”
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“15 min with the bus! Its an amazing natural park. Full of trees, grass everywhere, open playgrounds for the children to play, open gym and a very nice snack bar close to the pool. An open cinema is close so you can watch a nice movie.”
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“A park with a statue of Eleftherios Venizelos (sculpted by the sculptor G. Pappas). In the rear section are three stone built buildings, accommodating the Athens Municipality Arts Centre and the Eleftherios Venizelos Museum. Facing the park is a row of three unadorned neoclassical buildings of the hospitals Aeginitio, Aretaeio, and Alexandra. ”
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“The neighbourhood around Exarchia square is famous for its cafés, bars and restaurants – often with live music – as well as its street art.”
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