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Kollektivtrafik i Belgrad

Science Museum
“Meet the man on the 100RSD note at one of Belgrade's best museums, where you can release your inner nerd with some wondrously sci-fi-ish interactive elements. Tesla's ashes are kept here in a glowing, golden orb: debate has been raging for years between the museum (and its secular supporters) and the Church as to whether the remains should be moved to Sveti Sava Temple.”
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Bed & Breakfast
“Cobblestone street know as a Bohemian quarter. Here you can find many traditional Serbian restaurants, accompanied with live Serbian music. Touristy and busy on the weekends, so always make a reservation. All the restaurants are similar, but for me personally best one is called Dva Jelena - Two Deers. ”
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“The Church of Saint Sava is a Serbian Orthodox church located on the Vračar plateau in Belgrade. It is one of the largest Orthodox churches in the world and ranks among the largest church buildings in the world.The church is dedicated to Saint Sava, the founder of the Serbian Orthodox Church and an important figure in medieval Serbia. It is built on the Vračar plateau, on the location where his remains were burned in 1595 by Ottoman Grand Vizier Sinan Pasha. From its location, it dominates Belgrade's cityscape, and is perhaps the most monumental building in Serbia. ”
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“The ultimate shopping destination which offers you unforgettable journey that brings to the surface your self-esteem, boldness and empathy.”
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“A restaurant with the most beautiful view of the beauty of Belgrade. A decades-old existence, moves the borders of the highest quality hospitality and true quality. ”
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“At Ada Ciganlija you can do so many activities, during the summer time lake is the best place to chill, do not forget your swimming stuff. ”
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Allmän underhållning
“Beautiful building and home of National Theatre, in the heart of the city. Across the street is National Museum and monument to Knez Mihajlo.”
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Plaza för fotgängare
“Most popular pedestrian street, a lot of people, bars, shopping places and more.”
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“You can go here for a walk or a jog. There are many museums (e.g. military is one of my favorites) that you can visit. In the night, you can admire a beautiful sun set over the confluence of Danube and Sava rivers. ”
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“National Museum is a great place where you can see magificient pieces of art from ancient time until now. Located in the heart of the city.”
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“Savamala – the queen of Belgrade’s nightlife, the crowning jewel of fun outings and good time, filled up with good clubs, pubs, restaurants, and bars. It’s also a place where urban meets culture, and where casual fun can also have a humane character. Savamala is one of the first Serbian neighbourhoods, established in the 18th century. Its name is coined from the river Sava, and Turkish word “Mahala”, which means settlement. Today, it’s one of the Belgrade’s most popular nightspots, especially during the winter when “splavs”, floating river clubs aren’t open yet.”
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“Historical place.Beautiful park, one the two rivers, Sava and Danube.You can jog, walk, play tenis, enjoy.. ”
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“From the beginig of this street to her end it is packed with restourants,caffees, pubs, etc.”
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“With the opening of the shopping mall Rajiceva, the main pedestrian zone, Knez Mihailova Street became an authentic cosmopolitan location of the best shopping. Between buildings of great historical significance, which preserve the spirit of old Belgrade and memories of rich history, there is an imposing trade complex of a very modern look and rich offer. In addition to famous domestic and foreign brands, the new zone of the best shopping in Belgrade will premiere the brands that are appearing on the Serbian market for the first time. Restaurants of the highest quality that follow world trends make the gastronomic offer of a shopping center. A large supermarket and other shops.”
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“Good shopping. It has a cinema and a kid friendly play area with few restaurants. ”
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“A big square where people usually meet up. Couple of restaurants and cafes in the area.”
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