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Ta sig runt i Belgrad

Science Museum
“The Nikola Tesla Museum is a science museum located in the central area of Belgrade ( Krunska 51 ). It is dedicated to honoring and displaying the life and work of Nikola Tesla. It holds more than 160,000 original documents, over 2,000 books and journals, over 1,200 historical technical exhibits, over 1,500 photographs and photo plates of original, technical objects, instruments and apparatus, and over 1,000 plans and drawings. The Nikola Tesla Archive was inscribed on UNESCO's Memory of the World Programme Register in 2003 due to its critical role regarding history of electrification of the world and future technological advancements in this area.”
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Bed & Breakfast
“This ambiental nook of Belgrade, still standing to this day, is preserved in the area of Skadarska Street around the bohemian Tri šešira inn. You can enjoy in traditional serbian food and drink listening to traditional serbian live music. ”
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“The tallest orthodox church in Serbia, and one of the tallest in the world. Its construction began in 1935, and even though its facade is completed, in some parts inside the temple the works are still ongoing. A visit to the crypt beneath the temple is a must.”
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“One of better shopping malls in Belgrade. 5 Minutes walk from the apartment.”
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“A restaurant with the most beautiful view of the beauty of Belgrade. A decades-old existence, moves the borders of the highest quality hospitality and true quality. ”
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“Also called the Sea of Belgrade, Ada is a green resort very close to the city center where many Belgraders spend their afternoons and weekends.”
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Allmän underhållning
“Beautiful building and home of National Theatre, in the heart of the city. Across the street is National Museum and monument to Knez Mihajlo.”
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Plaza för fotgängare
“Most popular pedestrian street, a lot of people, bars, shopping places and more.”
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“You can go here for a walk or a jog. There are many museums (e.g. military is one of my favorites) that you can visit. In the night, you can admire a beautiful sun set over the confluence of Danube and Sava rivers. ”
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“Concrete Hall and Savamala quarter, what were warehouses and ruined industry buildings are now posh bars and restaurants, what were old manufacture places now are art galleries and places where alternative people of Belgrade go out.”
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“The National Museum in Belgrade, a complex type museum, is the most significant, oldest and central museum of Serbia containing 34 archaeological, numismatic and historical collections at this moment, after 160 years of growth and development. The museum collections contain over 400,000 archaeological and historical-artistic items, key mementos for archaeology and the history of art, representing the development and civilisation changes within the region of contemporary Serbia and its nearest surroundings, as well as key artistic directions and styles, pinnacles of artistic achievement in the national and European art world from the medieval period to modern times. Some example of the unique exhibits are the sculptures from Lepenski vir (7th millennium B.C.), Vincian statues (6-5th millennium B.C.), a shed from Jabučje (1st century A.D.), Belgrade Camea (4th century), coins of King Radoslav (13th century), medieval icons and frescoes, a bowl from Vraćevšnica (17th century), paintings by Paja Jovanović (19th century) or Sava Šumanović (20th century). The National Museum also holds the Gospel of Miroslav (“Miroslavljevo Jevanđelje“) from the 12th century, the most valuable artefact of Serb culture, officially declared the most beautiful Cyrillic manuscript in the world and a cultural treasure placed, along with the archive of the Museum of Nikola Tesla, under the protection of the UNESCO program “Memories of the World”.”
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“Historical place.Beautiful park, one the two rivers, Sava and Danube.You can jog, walk, play tenis, enjoy.. ”
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“With the opening of the shopping mall Rajiceva, the main pedestrian zone, Knez Mihailova Street became an authentic cosmopolitan location of the best shopping. Between buildings of great historical significance, which preserve the spirit of old Belgrade and memories of rich history, there is an imposing trade complex of a very modern look and rich offer. In addition to famous domestic and foreign brands, the new zone of the best shopping in Belgrade will premiere the brands that are appearing on the Serbian market for the first time. Restaurants of the highest quality that follow world trends make the gastronomic offer of a shopping center. A large supermarket and other shops.”
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“Good shopping. It has a cinema and a kid friendly play area with few restaurants. ”
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“From the beginig of this street to her end it is packed with restourants,caffees, pubs, etc.”
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“If your Belgrade friends ask you to meet them in the city centre, more precisely at “the Horse”, then what they mean by that is just that – look for the Horse. But there is a surprise for you there, because there is no stable or stall in the city centre whatsoever. It is just the conspicuous statue of Prince Mihailo Obrenovic riding on horseback. This square is officially called Republic Square and it represents the very heart of the city and also a historical spot where for example many protests and riots have happened among other things.”
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