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Utforska Bergen

Parker och natur i Bergen

“The tallest mountain of Bergens city 7 Mountains. take the cable car, or walk up (about 40-60minutes). Did you know we have the 7 mountain trail-walk every year. About 8-10000 persons from age 10 to 90 walks all the mountains in one day! Thats about 35km and 6000m hight!”
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“Just a little walk from the house through the adorable neighborhood that is Nordnes is this nice park with a cool view across the ocean as well as a popular place for swimming on hot days. The Bergen Aquarium is also located in this area. ”
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“Heated pool all summer. Nice environment. Nice seawater pool. Possibility to swim in the cold fjord of Bergen :-). Not very fashionable, you can add a nice walk of the Nordnes Park close by”
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Light Rail Station
“Bergen city light rail. Takes from city center all the way to the airport. Few minutes from Cappes vei. ”
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“You can get a bus to Sandviken from here. Bus number 4,5,6 will get you to Sandvikstorget.”
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“A huge public indoor bath house with multiple pools ,water slides and more. Especially popular with kids. Open every day 10-18. www.adoarena.no ”
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“The House (little palace) of the norwegian king. Public is allowed to enter and enjoy their gardens or even go to their (popular) beach ”
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“There is a trail from the garden, that will take you directly up to Lyderhorn Mountain with a breathtaking view. If you walk the road instead of the trail you'll see old gun sites. ”
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Historisk plats
“We love this local hidden treasure, on top of a fortress. Great views. Beware; it is not child friendly as it has severe drops on all sides. But bring your picnic here, and relax in the grass.”
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“Want to try one of the steepest hill climbs in Bergen with over 900 steps right up. The record is under 9minutes! What will be your time?”
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“the natural science museum of Bergen is currently closed because of construction work, but I still recommend to go to the garden that surrounds it. it is a small, beautiful green pocket surrounded by university buildings, only a five minutes walk fro the house. ”
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“The central lake that all of Bergen flows around. In the summer this lake is surrounded by colorful flowers and locals taking in the sun in this open city space.”
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“Path in the woods, but you can also go off-road. Good for a relaxing walk in the morning or a jog while listening to music in the afternoon. The path is lit at evenings.”
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“The aparment does not have a garden, but we have the most beautiful garden nearby. Musehagen is our go to place if the weather is nice, for a picnic or just to relax.”
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“Flott park med god utsikt. Er også en fin, kort joggetur ut hit om morgenen”
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“The biggest park in the centre, we normally walk through it on our way to Bien or Bergen Kaffebrenneri.”
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