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Sightseeing i Bergen

“Beautiful historic place / Edward Grieg. Park and buildings Take the light rail to Hop station and walk from there”
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History Museum
“The Fortress beginning as King Øystein’s estate on Holmen, which then was made into a fortress and became the residency of the feudal overlord in 1514, and the further development until the present Bergenhus Fortress. The main emphasis is on King Håkon’s estate, the wars with Sweden over control in Scandinavia, Eske Bille and the building of Bergenhus Fortress. The exhibition also shows: * The battle in Bergen harbour in 1665 and the action near Alvøen in 1808. * The IR9 effort in 1940. * The explosion at Festningskaien in 1944 and the rebuilding of Håkon’s Hall and the Rosenkrantz tower. The exhibition was earlier on display in the Rosenkrantz tower and was reopened on 24 October 2007.”
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Tourist Information Center
“This office offers You a wide range of brochures, helpful guides. You may book trips and do money exchange as well.”
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Historisk plats
“We love this local hidden treasure, on top of a fortress. Great views. Beware; it is not child friendly as it has severe drops on all sides. But bring your picnic here, and relax in the grass.”
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Historisk plats
“The monastery was founded in 1146 by monks from Fountains Abbey in England and was in operation until 1536 .”
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Historisk plats
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History Museum