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Bästa sakerna att göra i Chiang Mai

Upptäck staden på lokalbefolkningens vis. Hitta de bästa sakerna att göra, bästa ställena att äta på och få ovärderliga råd från folket som bor här.

“Sky Bar, The setting on the roof top is fabulous. Views are Cool and the atmosphere is great. The food is superb, Delicious and right amount. The New Zealand spicy beef was my favorite, tender and spicy. An absolutely enjoyable night.”
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Buddhist Temple
“A must go place for Tourists. 40min drive up the mountain to find a temple on the top. Awesome view of Chiang Mai. Very famous very touristy but worth the ride up . Hire a Taxi or Grab Taxi to get up there. ”
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“Many Thais who have never even set foot in Chiang Mai have still heard of Warm Up, it’s that famous. This nightlife institution opened up over two decades ago and is now going stronger than ever, packed to the rafters with yuppies and uni students most nights of the week. The sprawling venue has evolved over the years, now comprising a main live music room at the back (very difficult to get a table on the weekend), a small dance music room (popular with the in-the-know farang who can’t stick the Thai pop songs) and finally a large alfresco garden fronting the venue. It’s outside where most people choose to eat, and there’s also a live acoustic band here keeping the atmosphere light and chill”
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Buddhist Temple
“Wat Chedi Luang's massive chedi (pagoda) was built sometime between 1385 and 1402, during the reign of King Saen Muang Ma, 7th ruler of the Mengrai dynasty and is a distinctive feature of the Chiang Mai skyline. At its peak, the chedi measured 60 metres across at the square base and 80 metres tall and was once the home of the Emerald Buddha, Thailand's most sacred religious relic”
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Historisk plats
“Open: Daily (24 hours) Best way to get there: 10-minute walk (700 metres) Latitude: 18.7879943 Longitude: 98.9935698 Map: Refer to our Custom Google Map for accurate directions: https://goo.gl/r6SiOo Facebook: We also have more info and photos in our Facebook Photo Album dedicated to this local spot: Coming Soon”
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Zoo Exhibit
“The Safari bus in the evening represents a unique experience. I think it's a great place to visit.”
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“Chiang Mai Zoo is a great place for family. The little ones will love it. There's Panda, aquarium elephants. ”
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Buddhist Temple
“Wat Phra Singh is a Buddhist temple in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand. King Ananda Mahidol, the older brother of the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej, bestowed on it the status of Royal temple of the first grade in 1935”
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Buddhist Temple
“ดอยสุเทพและวัดพระธาตุดอยสุเทพ สิ่ศักดิ์สิทธิ์คู่บ้านคู่เมืองของเชียงใหม่ ที่นักท่องเที่ยวทุกคนต้องไปเคารพสักการะเพื่อความเป็นสิริมงคล ”
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“Warorot Market or Kad Luang is a must visit for food lovers as it offers a wide Range of ready to eat meals, local snack and desserts, all kinds of fresh produce, meats and seafood. A large section of the market features inexpensive goods, clothing, accessories and personal care products.  Targeting mostly Thais, Warorot Market is a great place to get a feel of the local way of life.”
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“Central Festival Chiang Mai is a massive shopping mall. It is very clean new and modern and has hundreds of Thai and international brands. Open 11am to 9.30pm weekdays and 10am to 10pm on weekends.”
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“You can find a reasonable price souvenir & street food there. Open 5.00-10.00PM every Sunday.”
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“The salad restaurant where you can eat from 6.30 am to 22.00 pm everyday. The food is nice and fresh. ”
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“Zoe in Yellow Bar : Around here have many nightclubs, you can find English or International Music in this area.”
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“Big shopping mall opporsite The prio condo, There 're restaurant, Convenience Store, Cinema.”
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Place of Worship
“This unique 14th-century temple is built into the side of Suthep mountain and is constructed of a series of tunnels, just 15 min drive from my home.”
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