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Bästa sakerna att göra i Crete Region

Upptäck staden på lokalbefolkningens vis. Hitta de bästa sakerna att göra, bästa ställena att äta på och få ovärderliga råd från folket som bor här.

Historisk plats
“The Fortezza (Greek: Φορτέτζα, from Italian for "fortress") is the citadel of the city of Rethymno in Crete, Greece. It was built by the Venetians in the 16th century, and was captured by the Ottomans in 1646. By the early 20th century, many houses were built within the citadel. These were demolished after World War II, leaving only a few historic buildings within the Fortezza. Today, the citadel is in good condition and is open to the public.”
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“Inventive dishes based on the best of Cretan cuisine. Fresh fish, meat and vegetables from small local farms, all under BIO label. Fantastic location.”
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“The Venetian Harbour of Rethymnon, next to the modern harbour of the city, with the Egyptian lighthouse is one of the most picturesque areas of the old town. It operated in the Byzantine period (after 961), but flourished during the Venetian period. The Venetians in the 14th century started major projects to facing the problem of siltation, which holds till today.”
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“Lake Kournas is the only natural freshwater lake in Crete. [1] It is mentioned in antiquity by Stefanos Byzantium under the name Korissia and it is reported in the area that there was an ancient temple attributed to the Korean Athenaeum and seems to have been dedicated to the Horse or the Daughter. It is reported that these names gave the oldest place name Hippocoron which later was paraphrased as Aporonas. [3] Changing the name of Lake Korissia is placed during the period of Arabic domination in Crete, but the origin of the name is sometimes attributed to an Arabic word meaning a lake or a bath, and sometimes as a paraphrase of the Greek word kronos.”
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“The gorge is in southwest Crete in the regional unit of Chania. It was created by a small river running between the White Mountains (Lefká Óri) and Mt. Volakias. There are a number of other gorges in the White Mountains. While some say that the gorge is 18 km long, this distance refers to the distance between the settlement of Omalos on the northern side of the plateau and the village of Agia Roumeli. In fact, the gorge is 16 km long, starting at an altitude of 1,250 m at the northern entrance, and ending at the shores of the Libyan Sea in Agia Roumeli. The walk through Samaria National Park is 13 km long, but one has to walk another three kilometers to Agia Roumeli from the park exit ”
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Hamn / marina
“The Venetian Harbor with its lighthouse is the city’s trademark and its the perfect place for a walk or eating at the local taverns and restaurants.”
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“In the morning, you can enjoy a variety of coffees, hot drinks, fresh juices and sweets, which are produced locally on a daily basis. It is also the ideal choice for lunch, as it offers a wide variety of snacks, finger food and salads. After admiring the glorious sunset behind the Venetian harbour, resident DJs from the international music scene take the decks. Don’t be reluctant to try some cocktails, beers or a glass of wine, from the best domestic and international labels. Address: 5 Eleutheriou Venizelou str., RethymnoTel.: 0030 28310 21386.”
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History Museum
“Το Αρχαιολογικό Μουσείο Ηρακλείου θεωρείται ως ένα από τα σημαντικότερα μουσεία στην Ευρώπη . Στο Μουσείο έχουν συγκεντρωθεί αρχαιολογικά ευρήματα απ' όλη την Κρήτη, καλύπτοντας την ιστορία του νησιού για περισσότερο από 5500 χρόνια. Κυρίαρχη θέση ανάμεσα σε αυτά κατέχουν οι θησαυροί του Μινωικού πολιτισμού. Η συλλογή με τις μινωικές αρχαιότητες είναι μάλιστα η σημαντικότερη στον κόσμο και το μουσείο δίκαια θεωρείται το κατ'' εξοχήν μουσείο του Μινωικού πολιτισμού. Στοιχεία επικοινωνίας: Ξανθουδίδου 2, 71202 Ηράκλειο Τηλ. 2810 / 279000 Επίσης ο αρχαιολογικός χώρος της Κνωσσού είναι κάτι που δεν πρέπει να χάσετε.”
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“This is a river with plam trees ending to a very nice beach. worth paying a visit but be aware, to go to this beach you need to walk down a small hill for about 15 minutes.”
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“In the village of Melidoni you will find the Melidoni Caves, where there is a number of very impressive stalactites and stalagmites. In 1823 the Ottoman army besieged the caves where approximately 370 inhabitants, mainly women and children, were hiding. Under the orders of Hussein Bay, the entrance was jammed with flammable materials and set on fire. After the Turks left, the bones were collected and placed in an ossuary which now stands in the middle of the central chamber. If you decide to visit the Caves, please wear sturdy shoes, as the ground may be slippery and we suggest you take a torch to enter the chambers.”
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“Balos, west of Chania, will charm the visitors with its turquoise waters, wild natural beauty and exotic landscape, famous across the world. Balos Lagoon is the most photographed beach in Europe.”
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“Γρήγορη εξυπηρέτηση,μεγάλη ποικιλία από ελληνική κουζίνα σε χαμηλές τιμές. Όμως Σάββατο και Κυριακή πρέπει να πάτε πριν τις 13:30 για να βρείτε ελεύθερη θέση.”
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Real Estate Agency
“While in Rethymno, don't be shy to stop by our office to say hi! Our team will be more than happy to meet you in person and hand you a special little gift! :-) Think Villa... your chance to live locally!”
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“Perfect for cocktails.Works all day long and it is also good for breakfast and coffe in the morning too. ”
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“The new unique virtual reality experience in the specially designed hall of the Cretaquarium is a fact! Dive into the miracle and the magic of the sea, facing some of the largest and most exciting marine life/organisms of the ocean”
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“For coffee and breakfast at Hania’s old harbour, head to local favourite Pallas, with a 2nd-floor dining room, superb views, and a brunch menu to match. ”
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