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Bästa sakerna att göra i Crete Region

Upptäck staden på lokalbefolkningens vis. Hitta de bästa sakerna att göra, bästa ställena att äta på och få ovärderliga råd från folket som bor här.

Historisk plats
“Fortezza fort dominates the hill Palekastro beside the old town of Rethymnon and is one of the biggest fortresses of the Venetian Era. It has been built on the site of the citadel of ancient Rithimna and the Temple of Artemis Rokkea. The grand pentagonal fort was built in the 1573 and has perimeter 1300m long.”
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“The Samaria Gorge is the most famous hiking gorge in Europe, forming part of the European path E4. Thousands of tourists descend on foot in the summer. For many, this is also the main purpose of their visit to Crete. Its length reaches 15 km and its descent takes about 5-7 hours, depending on your pace, from Omalos to Agia Roumeli.”
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“The Venetian Harbour of Rethymnon, next to the modern harbour of the city, with the Egyptian lighthouse is one of the most picturesque areas of the old town. It operated in the Byzantine period (after 961), but flourished during the Venetian period. The Venetians in the 14th century started major projects to facing the problem of siltation, which holds till today.”
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“Lovely seafood and more. Next to the sea, I think it is one of the best restaurants in Crete.”
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“Kournas Lake is the only freshwater lake in Crete. Lake Kournas was known as Lake Koressia in antiquity but later took its current name from the Arabic word for lake. The lake is in a beautiful landscape, lying in a valley among the hills, about 4 km from Georgioupolis in Chania Prefecture (west Crete). Lake Kournas is relatively small, with a maximum length of 1,087 m and a maximum breadth of 880 m. It covers an area of 579,000 sq. m. and is generally shallow, 22.5 m at its deepest point, while it lies approximately 20 m above sea level. Kournas Lake is the ideal place for an afternoon walk or a daytrip nearby. Many people like to have an afternoon picnic there. The landscape is lovely and relaxing, whether you want to go for a walk in the countryside, swim or ride a pedalo on the lake. There are two springs on the southeast bank, one of which, the Mati or Amati (“eye”) as the locals call it, is visible in late summer. The lake is fed by streams from the nearby mountains and hills, whose underground courses are interrupted by the local bedrock on the way to the sea.”
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Hamn / marina
“A stroll in the town’s most enchanting area Chania’s Venetian Harbour was carefully built in the 14th century for commercial purposes and for protection against pirate raids. Today it is a point of reference for the city of Chania, and a much-photographed place with a touch of magic! This city hub is filled with cafes, restaurants, tavernas serving local delicacies, bars, pastry stores and art shops as well as monuments referring to various historical periods. You will find there is a balanced mixing of Cretan, Ottoman and Venetian elements, beautiful narrow alleys across the old town and amazing architecture. The old harbour area .beckons you to enjoy a carefree journey through time as you explore it. Extra tip: If walking is not your thing, take a horse carriage parked outside Yali Tzami and explore the town - the romantic way!”
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History Museum
“The Heraklion Archaeological Museum is regarded as one of Europe''s most important museums. ”
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“From the classic choices for coffee and drink, a lounge cafe with years of experience.”
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“One of the best beaches in the world! It is an hour and twenty minute drive from the apartment by car. ”
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Real Estate Agency
“While in Rethymno, don't be shy to stop by our office to say hi! Our team will be more than happy to meet you in person and hand you a special little gift! :-) Think Villa... your chance to live locally!”
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“Beach of Preveli Crete The beach of Preveli is one of the most beautiful ones on the island. So, tourists and Cretans love it and visit it regularly. There are two ways to visit the beach: • The first one is to drive to the Monastery of Preveli and then step down to the beach. The route duration on foot is ca 10-15 minutes. • The second choice is driving to Plakias. A little boat will take you to the beach of Preveli. The boat sails at 10:30 and returns to Plakias at 16:00. The guest is charmed by the wonderful natural scenery, which is dominated by a river that flows into the sea, surrounded by tens of palm trees. It is worth visiting the river where one sees wonderful areas with small falls and rich vegetation. By the sea, there are a few small shops for souvenirs of food and an organized beach with umbrellas and sunbeds.”
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“(Greek cuisine of everyday life). You can enter the interior, and after seeing, choose your dishes!”
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“In the village of Melidoni you will find the Melidoni Caves, where there is a number of very impressive stalactites and stalagmites. In 1823 the Ottoman army besieged the caves where approximately 370 inhabitants, mainly women and children, were hiding. Under the orders of Hussein Bay, the entrance was jammed with flammable materials and set on fire. After the Turks left, the bones were collected and placed in an ossuary which now stands in the middle of the central chamber. If you decide to visit the Caves, please wear sturdy shoes, as the ground may be slippery and we suggest you take a torch to enter the chambers.”
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“At this huge modern aquarium, you can experience the underwater life of the Mediterranean. A fascinating day out for kids and adults alike, it has 32 vast glass tanks displaying everything from hunter sharks to miniscule seahorses, jellyfish, turtles, lobsters, and octopus, all in beautifully-lit turquoise sea water against a backdrop of rocks, sand, and seaweed. You'll find it at a former American military base in Gournes, 13 kilometers east of Heraklion.”
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“The most popular café-bar in Rethymno, with lots of young people there. "Must to go" destination for your drink and cocktails also!”
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“Amazing coctails and food. On roof, where you can enjoy the sunset a reservation is recommended.”
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