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Utforska Genève

Parker och natur i Genève

“The Quartier des Bains, it's an art of living! This vibrant and multicultural district of Geneva is home to a number of art galleries and exhibitions. From MAMCO to the Centre d'Art Contemporain, through the numerous galleries and their quality exhibitions, the Quartier des Bains has become the European platform for modern art. The bistros and trendy bars contribute to the night-time buzz! Not to be missed: the event “Vernissages Communs”, an art exhibition organised three times a year that allows you to discover works from all over the world.”
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Monument / sevärdhet
“Reaching 140 metres in height, the Jet d'Eau has over time become a real emblem of Geneva. The beautiful tale of the famous Jet d'Eau of Geneva is almost the result of coincidence. In 1886, the hydraulic plant which distributed the driving force of the Rhône to the craftsmen and watchmakers of Geneva was obligated to create an open evacuation of the water in overpressure, when the workshops closed at night. The place sparked such enthusiasm and excitement that the Jet d'Eau was born.”
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“Promenade des Bastion is about 10min walk and has a playground, chess boards, restaurant, etc. If you’re here over December-January definitely head to Bastion for the amazing Christmas market and ice skating rink!”
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“My favourite park in Geneva - its huge and has lots a paths for strolling, some beautiful gardens and buiildings. Well worth a visit if you have time. ”
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Botanical Garden
“Just next to United Nations and Place des Nations, Geneva's botanical gardens are a vast and wonderful park one of it's kind, full of colorful flowers, variously shaped trees, kid's attractions and playgrounds, few animal farms and coffee shop.”
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“One very beautiful park, right near the lake, with a walkway to the very famous and must-see Geneva's "Jet-d'eau" (water-fountain) on one side, and the Mont-Blanc bridge on the other.”
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“Very quiet and relaxing nice parc where you can go to the Hotel Parc des Eaux vives and order a pick nick basket.”
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“A proper city park, nice for strolling or jogging (there is a circular path) or sitting on one of the benches and people watching. ”
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“If you want to go to the spa in Geneva, this is the place to go to. The views of the outside pool are amazing and the massages are great.”
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“A lovely park on the UN/Nations side of the lake. You can take the boat from the lakeside over to the other side (check the transport section of this guide). Great for lakeside strolling either into or out of town, also close to the Botanical Gardens and home to the History of Science Museum.”
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“Head down here to see the meeting of the two rivers, Le Rhone and L'Arve. Its also a nice spot to have a few drinks, picnic and sit by the river on a nice day. The area around, Jonction, is well worth exploring on foot”
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Hamn / marina
“During the day you come here to relax by the lake, tan & swim and rent paddleboards and book wake-boarding. There are actually two different bars on the same 'beach', each with it's counter for food & drink. Perfect for the hot Geneva day.”
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“Nice walk or run to get there - if you have kids they will swig for hours from the tree equipped with bike inner tubes. Odd but makes sense when you see it.”
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“very nice and big parc where you can enjoy the beautiful views on the Mont Blanc”
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“The place in summertime - last sunrays, Swimming, cheap Food and Drinks... ”
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“Cool park on top of a hill near the city center with a small free zoo in it that I really enjoy going to. There are some hiking paths around it, great for people who like going into nature.”
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