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Historisk plats
“About a 15-minute walk from El Morro in the Parque Historico Militar, the huge Fortaleza de San Carlos de la Cabana, also called the Castillo de San Carlos de la Cabana, sits atop La Cabana hill. At the time of its construction in the 1770s, it was the largest fort the Spanish had ever built, as well as the most costly. ”
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Point of Interest
“Hundreds of local artist and craftsmen display their talents in an old port-side warehouse. You can find one of a kind works of art and/or keepsake souvenirs to take home with you. Plan to stay at least two hours. ”
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Point of Interest
“A good way to travel in Cuba. You can check on line from your country but in advance. In the bus station, you will find a lot of taxis colectivos for other towns of the country. From the casa, take a taxi, around 8/10 CUC.”
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“High quality Products and good food, great service and view but a litle bit expensive.”
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Point of Interest
“One of my favorite bands, Interactivo, plays every wednesday night at a small spot in Vedado called Bertol Brecht. They are a salsa/funk/fusion band, and they're awesome. Crowd is young, hip, and mixed (foreign/cuban). Arrive by 11:00pm if you want to get a table, otherwise by midnight when the band begins.  ”
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“bella musica, concerti e spettacoli.Hermosa música, conciertos y espectáculos. beautiful music, concerts and shows.”
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“A tour how our Rum had been made and at the end you can enjoy a shot of rum or purchase the iconic beverage. ”
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“The narrow two-block long alley between Aramburu and Hospital streets in Centro Habana has over the years become a shrine to Afro-Cuban religions through the art created by Salvador González. The buildings are lined with brightly-colored paintings, murals, sculptures and objects, which depict rituals and deities. Also, rumba groups play here every Sunday.”
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“It is a place where take place a international cinema festival on every december in Havana.”
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“One of our favorite spots to dine in Old Havana! Sit inside in the cool, chill interior or outside on the third level outdoor balcony, and indulge. Great twists on local Cuban favorites, a full bar and and one of the best and most refreshing lemonades you will ever drink. ”
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“At the beginning of the 20th century, La Época created the modern department store concept, introducing new commercial and management techniques at the time, such as control and business intelligence, window dressing, escalators or vertical concentration in certain areas. products. The building was completely restored in 1990 by the Office of the Historian of Havana, which turned it into an elegant shopping center, with very varied stores that sell everything from freshly made food to baby products.”
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“Santa María is the most popular beach among both Habaneros and visitors. It has lodgings, restaurants, watersports hire, grocery stores and a pharmacy. As with the other beaches, it boasts soft, white sand.”
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“The Karl Marx Theatre is a theatre in Havana, Cuba, formerly known as the Teatro Blanquita, and renamed after the Cuban Revolution of 1959. The venue has an enormous auditorium, with seating capacity of 5500 people, and is generally used for big shows by stars from Cuba and abroad”
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“The Acuario Nacional de Cuba opened on January 23, 1960, with just 13 fish tanks in place, but it gave visitors the opportunity to see several fish and sea invertebrate creatures. The number of tanks increased, giving room to new species until 1973, a year that was marked by the arrival of Silvia, a seal that became the most popular creature among visitors. Later, in the 80s, a show was introduced with two dolphins, Diana and Ciclón.”
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“The Plaza de la Revolucion is a public square in the city of Havana, Cuba, one of the largest in the world with 72,000 square meters. It was created in the days of President Fulgencio Batista and was originally called the Civic Plaza, although its international fame began with the Cuban Revolution. In it we can find the Monument to José Martí sculpted by Juan Jose Sicre and facing the Ministry of Interior with the image of Che Guevara taken by photographer Korda made a sculptural relief, the work of Enrique Avila that says "Until the Always victory. " In 2009 the work (of the same artist and technical specifications) was inaugurated to Camilo Cienfuegos, another great hero of the Cuban Revo”
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“Don Cangrejo’s popularity has grown over the last few years, and now the weekend party crowd of beautiful Cubans pack this outdoor, oceanside bar. The way to play it is to get ice, Cokes and a bottle of Havana Club Especial to share with friends – when you’re not busy dancing that is. This place has a lot of character - it’s right next to the sea, and the dancefloor is in fact a huge covered swimming pool. Make sure you’re there early, otherwise you’ll join the crowd in the line-up outside rather than the crowd on the dance floor inside. The music is provided by great live musicians playing contemporary fusion music. The likes of Kelvis Ochoa, Leoni Torres or QVA Libre ensure the dancefloor.”
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