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Bästa sakerna att göra i Havanna

Upptäck staden på lokalbefolkningens vis. Hitta de bästa sakerna att göra, bästa ställena att äta på och få ovärderliga råd från folket som bor här.

“Havana's most famous jazz club (The Vixen and the Crow) opens its doors nightly at 10pm to long lines of committed music fiends. Enter through a red British phonebox and descend into a diminutive and dark basement. The scene here is hot and clamorous and leans toward freestyle jazz.”
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Kubansk restaurang
“Keep it simple. The secret at Doña Eutimia is that there is no secret. Just serve decent-sized portions of incredibly tasty Cuban food. The ropa vieja – shredded beef – and minced beef picadillo both deserve mentions. Doña Eutimia was the first private restaurant to grace this small cul-de-sac near the cathedral. Now, there are at least five other restaurants and a rugby scrum of jineteros (hustlers) trying to lure you in (avoid them and you'll save money). ”
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Kubansk restaurang
“El Cocinero is just as much about the Havana art scene as it is about food.  The restaurant makes use of half of a 100-year-old, and long abandoned, cooking oil factory along the Almendares River, between the Vedado and Miramar neighborhoods. The factorys landmark 200-foot-tall red brick chimney is now home to a spiral staircase that ascends to an intimate dining room.  Subtle lighting, black and white photography, and smooth jazz over a Bose sound system to set the mood.  ”
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“10minut en taxi,hacen dos conciertos al día, Matine con música en vivo comienza a las 18:00 y la noche del concierto (música en vivo) a las 24:00 ¡grupos de música cubana mundialmente famosos, fabuloso! Gran diversión muy frecuentada por cubanos. 10mints in taxi. two concerts a day, Matine with live music starts at 6:00 p.m. and the night of the concert (live music) at 12:00 p.m. world-famous, fabulous Cuban music groups! Great fun very frequented by Cubans. Fanno due concerti al giorno, Matine con musica dal vivo inizia alle 6:00 e la notte del concerto (musica dal vivo) alle 12:00 gruppi di musica cubana famosi in tutto il mondo, favolosi! Grande divertimento molto frequentato dai cubani.”
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“The University of Havana or UH (in Spanish, Universidad de La Habana) is a university located in the Vedado district of Havana, the capital of the Republic of Cuba. Founded on January 5, 1728, the university is the oldest in Cuba, and one of the first to be founded in the Americas. Originally a religious institution, today the University of Havana has 15 faculties (colleges) at its Havana campus and distance learning centers throughout Cuba.”
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“A bit outside of Havana locals go for a picknick or horseback riding. There is also a small amusement park for smaller children. ”
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“5minuti in taxi, fanno due concerti al giorno, la Matine con musica live inizia alle 18:00 e il concerto ( musica live) serale alle 24:00 gruppi musicali Cubani di fama mondiale ,favolosi ! grnade divertimento molto frequentato da Cubani. 5minuts to taxi, two concerts a day, the Matine with live music starts at 18:00 and the concert (live music) evening at 24:00 world famous Cuban music groups, fabulous! Great Fun, very frequented by Cubans.hacen dos conciertos al día, Matine con música en vivo comienza a las 18:00 y la noche del concierto (música en vivo) a las 24:00 ¡grupos de música cubana mundialmente famosos, fabuloso! Gran diversión muy frecuentada por cubanos.”
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“Enjoy the sunset and having a drink at the patio is highly recommended. The Parisien Cabaret is also very recommended. ”
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“El quartiere della Havana vecchia è pieno di storia e divertimento, La Bodeguita Del Medio, El Floridita, La Plaza de La Catedral, Museo de la revolucion, Museo de Auto y tomar un cocktel en El Hotel Ambos Mundos ecct.El antiguo barrio de La Habana está lleno de historia y entretenimiento, La Bodeguita Del Medio, El Floridita, La Plaza de la Catedral, el Museo de la revolución, el Museo del Automóvil, música en vivo, una coctelería en el Hotel Ambos Mundos, The old Havana district is full of history and entertainment, La Bodeguita Del Medio, El Floridita, La Plaza de La Catedral, Museo de la revolucion, Museum of the Car, live music, a cocktel in El Hotel Ambos Mundos ecct.”
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“This beach is great, very recommended if you want to visit the beach while in Havana. ”
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Hamn / marina
“The Ernest Hemingway International Billfish Tournament is run out of Marina Hemingway through the year, typically in late spring or early summer. The waters of the Florida Striaght are home to not only Marlin, and Sailfish, but also Wahoo, Dorado, Yellow Fin Tuna.”
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“The Habana Libre Hotel is a place where you can find a tourism bureau and rent cars”
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“Only 10 minutes away by car is the best cabaret of the Caribbean .. El Tropicana is a cabaret in Havana, Cuba. It was launched on December 30, 1939 at the Villa Mina in Marianao and next door to El Colegio de Belen where Fidel Castro went to school. The Tropicana Cabaret is located in a lush, tropical garden six-acre estate.”
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“La Rampa è una Zona meravigliosa per passeggiare a tutte le ore del giorno, negozzi di souvenir, mostre, musica live, mercatini, Cinema, Teatri, cibo, colazioni, divertimento, parchi, taxis, ecct..La Rampa is a wonderful area to walk at all hours of the day, souvenir shops, exhibitions, live music, markets, cinemas, theaters, food, breakfast, entertainment, parks WIFI , taxis, etc ..La Rampa es un área maravillosa para caminar a todas horas del día, tiendas de recuerdos, exposiciones, música en vivo, mercados, cines, teatros, comida, desayunos, divertimento, parques, taxis etc.”
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“This place almost always has a line, because its that good. Delicious, healthy, well-served meals at a totally reasonable price, and some of the coldest beers i’ve found in the city. They’ve got a rooftop bar for drinks and tapas, and 2 floors with the full restaurant menu. I suggest going before you’re starving and drinking a beer while you wait on line - trust me its worth it!”
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“Sophisticated & bright jazz club on the top floor of a shopping center, with bay views & Cuban fare.”
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