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Bästa sakerna att göra i Ho Chi Minh City

Upptäck staden på lokalbefolkningens vis. Hitta de bästa sakerna att göra, bästa ställena att äta på och få ovärderliga råd från folket som bor här.

“This twin- towered cathedral is one of the most prominent architectural marvels in the city. It was built in 1877 with materials imported from France. The street outside are always bustling with tourists, locals and street vendors. Although the décor is austere, the church comes alive during services.”
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“Independence Palace (Dinh Độc Lập), also known as Reunification Palace (Vietnamese: Dinh Thống Nhất), built on the site of the former Norodom Palace, is a landmark in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.A special palace in Ho Chi Minh must visit!”
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History Museum
“This museum is closed to our apartment, only 1.2km.Once known as the ‘Museum of American War Crimes’, it's a shocking reminder of the long and brutal Vietnam War.”
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“It's a iconic place that you should be there to experience old infrastructure of Saigon.”
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Opera House
“This is the best famous opera house in Ho Chi Minh city. They usually perform ballet, dramatic, concert,etc every week. ”
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Post Office
“This gorgeous building is an iconic tourist stop and a remnant of the city's colonial past.”
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“This bar is located in the top floor of AB building.You can see the scene of the entire of the city.Spend your time to come here!”
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Vietnamesisk restaurang
“Tell your driver to take the one-way street of Ly Tu Trong, then turn left at the crossroads of Pasteur and Ly Tu Trong street. You will find a small alley on the right side of Pasteur, go toward the end of the alley, take a left-hand turn and climb up some precarious stairs, keep ascending to the top and you will find this delightful dining garden after walking through their kitchen. Map coordinates: 10.777363, 106.699795 Hours: 10 AM – 10 PM Price: 55,000 – 120,000 VND ”
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Vietnamesisk restaurang
“Traditional Viet cuisines served in south-western Vietnamese styles. Visited by Brad & Angelina”
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“Most popular Banh Mi shop in Ho Chi Minh city. Be ready to get in a long queue when you get here”
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“It is the most famous market for local people and foreigners. You should remember to bargain from 30%-50% because there are different prices for locals and tourists. ”
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College & universitet
“Skyscraper with a mall & a viewing deck Iconic 68-floor skyscraper featuring an observation deck, retail shops, dining & a cineplex.”
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“This stylish and colourful cafe is home base for Marou, Vietnam's first artisan chocolate producer. Watch Marou's skilled team tempering and moulding chocolate crafted from local fair-trade cacao, and enjoy drinks and snacks also incorporating the stellar ingredients. Try the iced chocolate with cinnamon and chilli, and purchase Marou's excellent chocolate as gifts for the lucky folks back home.”
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“Park with a dining area, cheap shopping and a variety of souvenirs with rooms in the way of Vietnam The park is located right next to Bui Vien street”
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