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Bästa sakerna att göra i Jakarta

Upptäck staden på lokalbefolkningens vis. Hitta de bästa sakerna att göra, bästa ställena att äta på och få ovärderliga råd från folket som bor här.

“A huge mall with so many option for everything, coffee, branded retail shop, food, cinema, kids playground. ”
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Monument / sevärdhet
“Monas tempat yang wajib dikunjungi jika ke kota Jakarta. Jarak tempuh ke Monas setengah jam jika ditempuh dalam keadaan jalan lancar”
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“This is the complete mall that has many kind of restaurants that you can find it easily. ”
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“You cannot visit Jakarta and not visit the National Museum. Dating from 1862, it’s one of the best in the region with incredible ancient statues, Dayak puppets and a wealth of textiles. A new wing documents the origin of humankind in Indonesia over four floors and don’t miss the treasures of Central Java: a quite staggering collection of gold jewelry and trinkets. English language tours are free and run on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:30 & 13:30 and are highly recommended if your Indonesian is a tad rusty.”
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“This place offers various cocktail bars, e.g. Cork & Screw, Immigrant Bar & Restaurant, La Moda Cafe managed by Grand Hyatt.”
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Allmän underhållning
“The biggest amusement park, aquarium, and animal shows in Jakarta by the beach.”
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“It has more than 70 museums in it. The most interesting of which is Indonesian traditional houses with al of the traditional clothings and way of live in each of the house. This is a must see. ”
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“Good ambiance and view located in the rooftop. I suggest you to book (you can google for reservation). ”
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History Museum
“Full of history and you can find a lot old building with beautiful architecture.”
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“A bit of a walk away, you can grab a taxi or GRAB car (download the app), and it will just be a 5-minute drive to this exclusive mall.”
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Bus Station
“Jakarta's iconic symbol, you can go up to the top for a great view of Jakarta. There is also a history museum inside. The monument is surrounded by a park which is quite lovely to walk around in early in the morning or in the late afternoon (away from the midday heat)”
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“The only baroque Catholic church in Indonesia, built in 19th century. The location is in front of Istiqlal mosque.”
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“From time to time, this Shopping Avenue holds exhibitions, concerts, as it has the art and music halls.”
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“Best for mid-low class fashions, Moslem and Center for Indonesia Famous Batik. ”
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Asiatisk restaurang
“I would say it's one of the most complete mall in Jakarta and located nearby. Here's my typical rundown when I visit the mall with friends: - Grab brunch in Union or Monolog - If I want a full lunch, then I'd visit Remboelan - a restaurant that offers Indonesian local foods - Visit some local clothing store (CottonInk) or check-out for high quality affordable glass frames at Bridges EyeWear - Check out some books in Kinokuniya and grab Starbucks before I go back home. If I still have time, I'd visit Sephora at B1 Sogo and visit the local furniture shop right besides it. ”
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“Best restaurant in the area! it is a must but not so budget friendly in indonesian standards.”
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