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Bästa sakerna att göra i Las Vegas

Upptäck staden på lokalbefolkningens vis. Hitta de bästa sakerna att göra, bästa ställena att äta på och få ovärderliga råd från folket som bor här.

“THE BEST all you can eat sushi in Las Vegas! Only $22 for lunch and $27 for dinner. Open until 2 am. Be sure to order the Crunch Lobster Roll :)”
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“Another favorite hotel, a must see chandelier bar. Hip and trendy restaurants! STK vegas is located here as well. One of the best STK location. Milos is Mediterranean with fresh seafood to pick from before they cook. Donkey Monkey is a hidden bar with out of this world truffle nachos. Marquee is one of the best pool party day club and night club in vegas. ”
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“Let's face it, the Las Vegas Strip is like no other place on earth. For many of you, that's why you're interested in staying with us at the TIKI HOUSE. But let's also be honest about how exhausting and expensive the Strip can be day in day out. The Green Valley Ranch casino is a terrific alternative to travelers who want to gamble, enjoy a lively pool scene, be in a luxurious environment, take in some live music, and have a typical Las Vegas style getaway without all the hassle. GVR is where we encourage guests to go on their "day off" from Vegas. It's relaxing and pretty and offers all of the things casinos are famous for. Lyft ride = $7 + tip for the driver.”
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“Again a casino draw, but worth making time to go there. Check times as they close early. ”
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“Their botanical gardens are beautiful! Love the Le Reve - The Dream show that they also feature there! ”
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Night Club
“boutique social night club with an impeccable view from the balcony overlooking the strip. One of my favorites. ”
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“Happening spot- easy on the cover! Especially before 10pm. If they not popping then McFaddens is! ”
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“Being able to enjoy a nice quiet day around the pool or playing tennis & then access the Strip using the free shuttle service provided by Club de Soleil.”
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“Everything you need for Brenden Theatres. Movie times, tickets, maps and more. Find the right movie at the right time at Brenden Theatres near you. Search for your location in the search box above or view all below. Only a walk away from the skywalk. ”
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Water Park
“Great time with families and children during the Spring and Summer. Kids bring the energy and parents bring the Margaritas!”
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Shopping Plaza
“Most people love Chinese food and this is the spot in Vegas to Find Dim Sum, Boba, dumpling, and traditional chinese food. There are also few late night and one 24 hour Pho place open around here. And Vietnamese Sandwich shop, I hear you can also get boba from I've never tried there boba though. One of my friends Say it's really good though. ”
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Golf Driving Range
“Yelp 5 star review: Super fun place to test out your golfing skills! A nice addition to the Vegas strip since it provides an extra alternative to gambling or dayclubbing in 100 degree heat in the summer. Uber would be easiest to get here, but they have shuttles running from MGM also. If you're concerned about hourly rates, it's best to check their rates schedule. Weekdays before noon are cheapest for the first 2 floors. We arrived on a Thursday at 11:30am. They said it would be a 30 minute wait for the first 2 floors, or we could go up to the top floor. It would've been the same price anyway so up we went. The top floor is nicer anyway because there are no kids, and the view is better. We got stationed at one of the bays on the very end, so it was a weird angle to play at. The actual golfing was fun though! They have all kinds of clubs for you to use. There are different types of games also, but we just stuck with the basic one. Our first hour went by super fast because no one had golfed before so we took forever. We added an extra hour, which I thought was a bit overkill. I started getting really tired of golf by 90 min, but did enjoy watching others hit and cheering them on. They have an extensive menu if you want to order drinks or food. There is also a pool and cornhole in the non golfing areas. The price isn't too bad if you're mindful. Extra hours, food, and drinks could make your final bill very large. But if you're in Vegas, you're probably willing to splurge for a good time!”
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“The Venetian Canals are inside and outside. If you want an Italy type experience, you can get a boat ride. Also fun to watch if you don't want to wait.”
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Point of Interest
“If you are an adventure seeker and on Freemont Street, it is a lot of fun and zips past all of the casinos and thru the light show. https://vegasexperience.com/slotzilla-zip-line/”
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