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Sightseeing i Lissabon

“(Historical monument) São Jorge Castle and the Christian Conquest to the Moors: We know now that the wellknown history of Martim Moniz who was stucked in the door of the Castle is just a legend. Cruzaders had to report heroic efforts during the Christian conquest, when they were camping during 4 months until the moors left because of starvation. In fact, Lisbon was not liberated throught fighting and guns, even at that time. History showed that the mossanas were pacific people. Jews and Christians only had to pay an extra tax, but they use to work in the government and they did not suffered of starvation. They have been even more mistreated after the conquest, by the Christians. The mystic was only built to justify the need of conquest and the purpose was only to obtain recognition.”
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“"The Elevador de Santa Justa is a 19th century lift that transports passengers up the steep hill from the Baixa district to the Largo do Carmo and the ruins of the Carmo church." Vertical lift built by the Architec Raoul Mesnier du Ponsard, with a cast iron structure, enriched with filigrana details, buid on 1902 Hours of Operation: 07:00h - 21:45h”
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Monument / sevärdhet
“A stunning medieval defensive tower on the river Tagus in Belém (a suburb of Lisbon).”
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Monument / sevärdhet
“Amazing views of Lisbon and the suspension bridge. If you come at the end of the day, you can catch an amazing sun set too. Lovely vibe and one of Lisbon's nicest view points of the coast and suspension bridge. You can also go up the monument, however, there's plenty more to do and see outside.”
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Historisk plats
“Once home to the royal family, it's a palace turned museum whose rooms still preserve the original layout and decoration.”
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“The related​ architecture of our Ocean Epopeia (Exploration on the XV th century) ”
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Historisk plats
“This is part of the circuit of the Water museum. You should visit the galleries”
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“It is a very typical neighbourhood where one can find lots of homemade food restaurants and Fado concerts. The Castelo de São Jorge on top of its hill also offers beautiful views over Lisbon.”
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History Museum
“This is a really neat and great museum, with a wondrous collection of armory from a wide span of centuries, and stunning, beautiful celings and art work everywhere. A must see!”
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“The best way to get to know lisbon is to use public transport - Metro. Rossio station is 4 stations from Alameda station. approximately 15 minutes from the apartment. At the Rossio station there is a Tour Desk that can give you information about Lisbon tourist attractions and surrounding areas. The address is = Address: Rua Jardim do Regedor, 50 - (Restauradores) 1150-194 Lisboa. Telephone: +351 213 472 134. Fax: +351 213 472 134. E-mail: regedor@atlx.pt Website: http://www.askmelisboa.com”
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“This beautiful church houses the remains of Marquês de Pombal's body, the marquis that helped rebuild Lisbon after the quake hit in the 18th century.”
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“Famous for the 2 columns, celebrating the departure of the portuguese manowars towards the unknown, in the 15th century. Amazing place for an ice-cream or just sight seeing.”
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“This monument is from XIX the Century and you must the great view from the top! ”
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Historisk plats
“Located in the center of Alfama, this church always has tourists passing by, but almost no one goes inside to admire the beautiful interior.”
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Monument / sevärdhet
“Torre de Belem as it is a symbol of the portuguese conquests of the seas. It was built in the XV century as a defense post.”
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Historisk plats
“The Patriarcal Reservoir is located in the basement of Prince Royal Square, and was designed in 1856 by the French engineer Louis-Charles Mary. It was built between 1860 and 1864 to serve the water distribution network of the city of Lisbon, constituting in Lisbon times.”
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