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Kollektivtrafik i Metropolitan City of Milan

“Attractions, Religious buildings and sites : Da Vincis Last Supper painting in Milan Perhaps one of the most famous paintings in the world, da Vinci’s The Last Supper has been reproduced to death, but no tote bag or mouse pad or even large-scale reproduction can adequately capture the artist’s emotionally charged mural. Unlike frescoes, which are painted on wet plaster and thus must be completed rather quickly, da Vinci used tempera paints on a dry wall after sealing the stone with dried plaster and adding an undercoat of white lead to achieve greater luminosity. It's astonishing and overwhelming – even despite the fact that Jesus's feet were lost in 1652 given some ill-thought-out renovations. ”
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“Itineraries in the Park http://www.reggiadimonza.it/en/content/page/itineraries-park”
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“Housed in a former tram depot, this spa has several saunas and an elegant tea room on the ground floor. But downstairs is where the magic happens: in this underground lair, there is a warren of stone rooms featuring warm baths, cold baths, geyser pools, a Jacuzzi waterfall and more. Outside, in addition to the tram sauna, there are three warm pools spread out through the garden. ”
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“'Cimitero Monumentale'; One of the most beautiful and quiet places in the city. Monumental Cemetery hosts the graves of many people who made the city of Milan great. Milanese people love to walk around this place admiring the art or visiting the graves of famous people. You will see so many different architectural styles, so many beautiful sculptures; you'll feel like you're walking through a unique park or a museum; much more than just a cemetery. Try to get lost in its alleyways and you'll always discover something beautiful!”
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“All kinds of shops, unbearably full of people in the weekends and around Xmas, but hey if you like shopping this is the place, with all prices, from cheap to expensive.”
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Amusement Park
“FieraMilano is the most important trade fair and exhibition organiser in Italy and one of the largest in the world. The vicinity and the interior of the complex will be the site of Expo 2015.”
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“A bit far but worth the visit if you really love contemporary art. Very fine programs”
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“The legendary Navigli area, the Milan nightlife's stomping ground par excellence. Crowds of young, and not-so-young flock to the bars, pubs and discos that offer year-round fun and partying with cocktails, food and music. Only about 34 minutes away from my apartment via the Metro. Ask me for directions. ”
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“The best music venue in town, close to the apartment, you can reach it by walk. The best international artists are hosted here.”
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“gorgeous Art Gallery, incredible atmosphere in one of the best University of the world -”
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“Pizzeria Capatosta excellent pizza napoletana and traditional appetizers from the south of Italy”
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“The architecture alone is gorgeous here, it is one of the most beautiful and oldest active shopping malls in Italy. The actual shopping is mostly limited to those with fat wallets as the stores consist of Prada, Gucci, Versace, Luisa Spagnoli and Armani. The shopping district that expands from the Galleria and Duomo has many more afforadable stores and is still very beautiful to walk through.”
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Monument / sevärdhet
“This majestic neoclassical landmark stands in a pedestrianized plaza and is a great photo spot. It was commissioned to celebrate Napoleon’s victories and is every bit as grand as you might expect.”
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“The museum is divided into five different permanent sections: Mineralogy (with a large collection of minerals from all over the world); Paleontology (with several fossils of dinosaurs and other prehistoric organisms); Natural History of Man (dedicated to the origins and evolution of humans with a particular attention to the relationship of the latter with the environment); Invertebrate Zoology (dedicated to mollusks, arthropods and entomology); and Vertebrate Zoology (dedicated to vertebrates, both exotic and European).”
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“Many shops along this street, a great alternative to the Duomo area, sometimes is too crowd, here instead there are less people and the stuff can help you better!”
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“The very best of Isola Area. Situated in a post industrial structure, offers biologic food, great music, good beer and great cocktails”
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