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Bästa butikerna i Milano

“Many shops along this street, a great alternative to the Duomo area, sometimes is too crowd, here instead there are less people and the stuff can help you better!”
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“Oldest shopping mall in Europe literally next door to the Duomo and chocked full of history, legacy and superb people watching.”
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“best supermarket in the neighbour. it has the biggest variety of italian typical food (cheese, wine, etc...)”
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“Large supermarket that will meet all your shopping needs, directly across from apartment. ”
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Book Store
“plenty of choice for books, cds and dvds, there is a cafè as well and sometimes they hold gigs and talks...that's where I go to buy my books!”
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“Shopping centre with many clothes shops, a few restaurants, a major food chain and cinema on the top floor. Open Sundays and late on Saturdays (until 2200)”
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“This bar / restaurant / co-working space with little garden is the best brunch spot for in the weekends...! Also nice for decent coffee / lunch / dinner (mainly hamburgers). ”
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Shopping Plaza
“Nel nuovissimo quartiere di City Life trovare un centro commerciale con negozi, bar, ristornati, cinema in un bellissimo parco. In the brand new City Life area you find a shopping center with cafès, restaurants, cinema and shops in a beautiful park.”
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“A few minutes walk distance, very big shopping center with big market, several shops, restaurants, bars, post office, laundry, shoe repairer, tailor's, library, medical center and many other useful services.”
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“Shopping centre with numerous restaurants of all kinds and cinema on the top floor. ”
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“A wide range of clothing and accessories from Chloé, Balenciaga and beyond, at really affordable prices. And be patient if they are not the last season! . Phone. 02 76110328 - 2,8Km on foot (35 minutes) - Or TRAM 9 for 9 stops (27 minutes) ”
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“Very good and big supermarket There is also a PAM supermarket in same street of my house: via Foppa 33 (5 min walk form the house) which unfortunately does not appear on the map”
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“On weekends it gets a little crowded, but on weekdays it's the best and cozy place to have a nice Italian breakfast (cappuccino and croissant) and have a moment of relax by reading a book for example...”
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Flea Market
“Once a month (check the facebook page) the ex-industrial area of Mecenate is transformed in a hipster-markets with lots of vintage stuff and handmade clothes and accessoires. ”
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Monument / sevärdhet
“Mosaic ornaments, sculptures, statues, frescoes adorning the gallery, the famous glass dome - it seems as if you are inside a huge kaleidoscope!”
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“It's not the closest Supermarket (there are others), but here you will find anything you need and best brands at good prices. ”
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