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Sightseeing i Milano

“The main attraction in Milan. It is the fourth largest church in the world, and the largest in Italy (San Pietro is in Vatican City) it was not completed until 1965 after nearly 600 years of construction. The architecture of the cathedral is gothic is breathtaking, it is worth your time to enter the church. For a fee you can also go to the top of the building to get an up-close look at the details and a fantastic view of Milan.”
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Historisk plats
“Colonne di San Lorenzo, which are among the best preserved Roman ruins in Milan. The plaza where the Colonne di San Lorenzo are located is also one of the key places of the so-called "Milanese movida", i.e., night-life.”
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“A very beautiful area with bar and cafe in front the central Park and Castello Sforzesco”
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“This famous church is almost 1000 years old. You will be impressed by its paintings and atmosphere ”
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“The Cimitero Monumentale is one of the two largest cemeteries in Milan, Italy, the other one being the Cimitero Maggiore. It is noted for the abundance of artistic tombs and monuments.”
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“MM1 "Porta Venezia" BikeMi Rack(Bike Sharing) Electric Car Rack Tram nº 9-33-23-5”
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“Not enough word to describe it. Unmissable! Remember it best be booked in advance”
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“This majestic neoclassical landmark stands in a pedestrianized plaza and is a great photo spot. It was commissioned to celebrate Napoleon’s victories and is every bit as grand as you might expect.”
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“The area surrounding Porta Ticinese is a historic quartiere of Milan; it has its coat of arms, a three-legged red stool on a silver background. The district is part of the Navigli area of Milan, which is rich of monuments, tourist attractions, night life, and more, and qualifies as one of the most important areas of Milan outside the historic centre. It includes the notable Basilica of Sant'Eustorgio, a basilica that was established in the middle ages and restored several times through the centuries, so that the original romanesque structure has been complemented with Renaissance elements. Sant'Eustorgio is located in a well known city park called Parco delle Basiliche, which also includes another prominent basilica, that of San Lorenzo. Nearby are also the Colonne di San Lorenzo, which are among the best preserved Roman ruins in Milan. The plaza where the Colonne di San Lorenzo are located is also one of the key places of the so-called "Milanese movida", i.e., night-life.”
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“Best lombardian artists worked here. A museum of italian archeology is also there”
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Historisk plats
“Local trains, regional trains, Italo (to Florence and Rome) two metro lines (green and lila) buses and trains to Malpensa airport”
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Historisk plats
“Italian Ambience foundation, to protect sites and buildings with historical interest”
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“A commuter railway station and a hub of Milan public transport. The Trenord net includes the Malpensa Express, a connection service with Malpensa Airport.”
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“Perhaps one of the most famous paintings in the world, Leonard da Vinci’s The Last Supper has been reproduced to death, so much so that you might question the point of seeing it in person. When purchasing your ticket to The Last Supper, add on a ticket for the Biblioteca Ambrosiana, the historic library housing some of da Vinci’s sketches.”
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“Mosaic ornaments, sculptures, statues, frescoes adorning the gallery, the famous glass dome - it seems as if you are inside a huge kaleidoscope!”
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“In front of teatro alla Scala a museum of modern and contemporary Italian art”
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