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Konst- och designtur i New York
Reiki Adventure at The Met Museum
Detta kommer vi att göra:
*I WILL BE IN NYC FOR THE MONTH OF NOVEMBER 2021* **TIME REQUESTS ARE POSSIBLE, JUST ASK** ***YOU MUST RESERVE YOUR ENTRANCE TICKET THROUGH THE MET ONLINE*** We will meet at the 81st ST. group entrance, just south of the main entrance. We will talk for a few minutes to connect and meet each other, discussing your intentions. Then we will proceed to an area of the museum to sit in front of a masterpiece. There may be several locations that we move to, this all depends on your intentions for this adventure and what is designed. We will move into a deep meditative experience, journeying into the artwork to invoke visions, healing and connection through the combination of your imagination, the art work and the artist. We will have an interaction with the art work and the world around WHILE the Reiki is happening. From this point, anything can happen...past lives, conversations with the artist, deep healings and clearings and yes, maybe even some tears. Sometimes I will touch you, sometimes not. You may be writing things down, or drawing, or just listening. The Reiki energy will be turned on the entire time. This is a co-created experience and one of a kind! Other things to note No knowledge of Art is necessary. Come willing to be open to what the museum will have to reveal to you. Be ready to relax, enjoy and experience Art in a new way.
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