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“You can find almost anything at Galeries Lafayette. A good place to experience French shopping at it's best. ”
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“Great ice cream, unusual flavors such as lavender, ginger, speculos, nutella, etc...”
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“The place is so cozy, the food is amazing. So as their pastries;) The place is only open for breakfast, lunch, brunch or tea time - no diner Be aware this place can be full ”
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“• Trees, shrubs, plants from all continents have given an appointment along this walk. The agency Péna Landscapes is the Project Manager of this achievement. Thanks to the magic of a Mediterranean climate, which left their characteristics in many habitats worldwide, the Promenade invites to a botanical trip without jetlag, with promises of flowering trees each season. • Des arbres, arbustes, plantes de tous les continents se sont donnés rendez-vous le long de cette promenade. L’agence Péna Paysages est le Maître d’œuvre de cette réalisation. Grâce à la magie d’un climat méditerranéen, dont on retrouve les caractéristiques dans de nombreux biotopes à travers le monde, la Promenade invite à un voyage botanique sans décalage horaire, avec des promesses d’arbres en fleurs à chaque saison.modifier ”
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“Le petit Marais Niçois endroit incontournable à Nice. Restaurants, Bar, Music live , Brunch, boutique ”
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“Some say it is the best gelato shop in town. I say it is close to the villa so there’s no reason not to stop in, perhaps after a long morning at the Malaussena market.”
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“It's situated close to the sea, so you can enjoy your shopping and after go to the beach, or have a lunch in the restaurant with a sea view.”
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“Very dangerous place. Warning, you will want to eat everything here. This is an amazing patisserie very worth checking out unless you're on a diet.”
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“Cap 3000 is a beautiful shopping mall. It's not open sky as the Polygone Riviera, but there are nice terraces and restaurants in front the beach. ”
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“One of the biggest shopping malls / Un des plus grands centres commerciaux / Один из самых больших торговых центров”
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“This is the main shopping center in Nice. From food to furniture and clothing, this is the place to wash your eyes and look at the latest trends in the area.”
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“Vous trouverez tout le nécessaire pour votre séjours. Parking gratuit pendant 90 minutes”
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“A shopping mall - Carrefour (food and home), Decathlon (sports) and a lot of boutiques”
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“Lots of brand name shops in this one building but also on this street, Jean Medecin, are many more big name shops, a movie theatre and a convenient tram.”
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“I buy most of my groceries in this shop. I think the shop is excellent. If i do not have a car, I empty my small rollon suitcase and transport the food and drinks in it up the hill. There is a bakery on the corner outside the grocery store - it is very good. You can park your car under the store. They can even send home your groceries.”
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Mat & dryck
“Marché couvert de la buffa pour tous les produits frais ! Covered Market of Buffa street for all fresh products !”
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Mat & dryck
“France’s oldest covered market: the Cité de la Buffa dated 1925. Local typical products.”
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