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Utforska Portland

Parker och natur i Portland

“At 5,200 acres, this is the largest park within any U.S. city. It gets very popular in summer, especially on week- ends, so if you want to check it out be prepared to embrace the crowds.”
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“It’s like walking through a screen saver!! Breathtaking rain or shine, any time of the year.”
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Botanical Garden
“The oldest official, continuously operated public rose test garden in the United States boasts more than 8,000 roses.”
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“This is a local favorite, urban park. Views of downtown Portland. You can make it what you want - a light stroll, hefty steep uphill hiking, marathon trail training... There is a playground and basic restroom facilities near the top. A great place to have a picnic - bring your takeout here and settle in. You can enter from multiple sides of this dormant volcano with lush trees and shade.”
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“Our favorite park in the city, this little gem in SE boasts a large pond, tons of green grassy knolls perfect for pic- nicking, and lots of old growth trees which provide the perfect shady canopy from both the sun and the rain.”
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“One city block transports you a world away to an historical Chinese Scholar’s garden and residence. The detailed stone walkways are my favorite.”
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“Yearly Jazz festival in mid- July. A must visit for Jazz enthusiasts. Stay at the Croft and walk over to hear the music. ”
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Theme Park
“Yep, Portland has it's very own amusement park. I'd say it's fun for everyone, but not really a huge fancy park. Go to enjoy the scenery, people watching, and mini golf! ”
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“The focal feature at Peninsula Park is The Rose Garden, a gorgeous display of Portland's official flower, which is meticulously maintained by Portland's Master Gardners and is frequently the site of professional photographer sittings and arts events. The entire park is a equally pleasant with large trees, wide curving walks, large open spaces, and a classic 1930's swimming pool cabana.”
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“Go out the front door and head south past the Steel Bridge to enjoy jogging, walking, biking, skateboarding, fountain play, lunching, basketball, fireworks viewing, Segwaying, boat watching, sunrises and sunsets. Due to its recreational use, lunch hours are peak-use hours for the waterfront park. In addition to recreational use, the park is also highly used by bike and pedestrian commuters during rush hours because the park is easily accessible to the downtown Portland workforce and provides a pleasant, off street thoroughfare away from vehicular traffic. It is currently home to the Waterfront Blues Festival, Oregon Brewers Festival, Gay/Lesbian Pride Festival and the Bite of Oregon.”
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“In the summer months, this peaceful park comes alive with brightly colored rhododendrons.”
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“The grotto is a church located on amazing grounds. It’s peaceful and beautiful. Around Christmas they are decorated with lights. Must buy tickets to attend. ”
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State / Provincial Park
“Just a few miles away and another world of trees and trails awaits. Peaceful watershed so close to the city.”
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“Challenging to hike here since it's uphill, they have a nice parking lot. Breath taking views, this is the spot to watch stars, eclipse, and other sky stuff.”
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“Great place to go for a run, take the kids out, and just enjoy rain or shine. ”
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“Great running trails and access to the Springwater Corridor, a 21-5-mile bike and running path that leads all the way to Boring, Oregon.”
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