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Bästa sakerna att göra i Sicilien

Upptäck staden på lokalbefolkningens vis. Hitta de bästa sakerna att göra, bästa ställena att äta på och få ovärderliga råd från folket som bor här.

“Un posto meno affollato dove fare il bagno all'interno della riserva naturale. A less crowded place to swim in the nature reserve.”
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Point of Interest
“Scala dei Turchi (Stairs of the Turks): the white rock cliff on the coast near Porto Empedocle is formed by marl, a sedimentary rock similar to limestone, whose layered composition causes it to erode in regular step-like layers. It gets its name, Stairs of the Turks, from the frequent raids by Turkish pirates, who found the steps an easy way to climb ashore. These striking white cliffs lie between two beaches, which combined with their mention in Andrea Camilleri's Commissario Montalbano series, have made them a popular attraction for tourists. The marl sand is also a favorite mudbath, reputed to benefit the skin. The cliffs change color at various times of day, from stark white in the midday sun to golden and luminous at sunset.”
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“Best arancini in town! You could find a wide variety of traditional tavola calda (street food) and sicilian treats like pasta di mandorla. Great granitas as well.”
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Gas Station
“In Tindari there is a big archeological park with one of the only two Creek Teather of all Italy. The landscape from the side is so beautifull with the sea in front of you, almost during the sunset. All this in on a cliff and you can look the Eolian Island in front of you, the mountains at the back ; next the little church with inside an old statue of black Maria”
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“This is italy's oldest tuna factory, set by the water, famous for it's beautiful old building ^ turquoise crystal clear waters for swimming.”
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“A superb, harmonious baroque square, the center of Ortigia, surrounded by magnificent palaces and where the Duomo rises on the ancient columns of the Temple of Athena ”
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Point of Interest
“Our icon Greek Temple will simply take your breath away for his magnificent presence and beauty preserved along the centuries. ”
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Historisk plats
“The Cathedral of Monreale, founded by William II in 1172 and dedicated to Santa Maria Nuova houses the largest mosaic decoration (over 6,000 square meters) of the entire production of the Mediterranean basin, performed by Byzantine workers, with vetero stories and new Testamentaries and the Christ Pantocrator in the apse. The plant, like the great Cistercian and Cluniac Romanesque cathedrals, follows the model of the Cathedral of Cefalù. The use of bichrome inlays in lava stone, recessed niches with rings, braided arches and chevron enriches the walls of the external façades and the apses, highlighting the architectural ribs. On the right side of the presbytery, there are the sarcophagus in porphyry of Guglielmo I and the marble one of Guglielmo II. The Cathedral is next to the cloister of the ancient Benedictine monastery characterized by arcades with ogival arches with double arches, supported by twin columns, alternately decorated with mosaics. The sculptural plastic of the capitals, engraved with biblical scenes, is a surprising and original example of Romanesque-Mediterranean art, where there is a mixture of formal and ornamental elements with a classic flavor and Gothic elements of Provençal taste.”
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“The Church of Santa Maria dell’Ammiraglio, founded around 1140, was born as a private chapel dedicated to the Virgin and is the symbol of the purity of the Orthodox Byzantine genius. The Norman period plant is characterized by a Greek cross plan inscribed in a square and surmounted by a dome in the middle. Inside, the church is adorned with Byzantine mosaics made between 1143 and 1148, among the most amazing in the panorama of the production of the Comnena period, whose iconographic conception reflects the commission of Admiral Giorgio d’Antiochia, an extraordinary personality; he spoke Arab and Greek and belonged to the Byzantine-Orthodox church.”
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Women's Store
“Since the flat is so central we tend to walk everywhere, but if you want to get to, say, Mondello, or anywhere outside the city centre, via liberta’ is 100m away and is full of bus stops etc.”
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“The Point Shopping Malta offers great shopping opportunities of leading world renowned brands, as well as a number of restaurants and cafes.”
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“A sumptuous castle immersed in the Sicilian countryside. If the gorgeous interiors will remind you of cinema glory, your memory would be right: "The Leopard" famous dance scenes were filmed here. The garden is an experience in itself, where you can (literally) lose yourself in a fascinatingly historical labyrinth.”
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“One of the most beautiful and fascinating streets of Catania. Breathtaking churches”
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Italiensk restaurang
“Adorabile bistrot ricavato ristrutturando i locali della storica Libreria Dante, di cui mantiene l'insegna. Anche per vegani e celiaci # Adorable bistro obtained by renovating the premises of the historic Libreria Dante, which keeps the sign. Also for vegans and celiacs”
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“The most famous beach in Palermo province, possibility of renting a boat. ”
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“Per passeggiate romantiche, jogging, pic nic, respirare aria pura, giocare, far volare l'aquilone... #For romantic walks, jogging, picnics, breathing pure air, play, flying the kite ...”
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