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Bästa butikerna i Somerville

“Strip mall with supermarket, CVS, donuts, fast food, unique craft shops, ice cream, independent book and toy stores, cafe etc. ”
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“This is a locally owned bookstore and cafe located about a 15-minute walk from us, in Porter Square. This is my favorite bookstore and they also have delicious Vietnamese fresh rolls (rice paper around rice noodles, tofu, veggies with a peanut dipping sauce.) ”
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“This used to be a Barnes and Noble.. it still is I believe (the company may have been purchased) Now its called the Coop bookstore. You can read and browse a massive variety of books. Perfect for studying for Harvard!”
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Sporting Goods Shop
“Cambridge Naturals was founded in 1974 with the vision of establishing a community natural health store. Our mission is to provide the best choices in nutritional supplements for health and wellness, clean body care products and organic foods. We are committed to sourcing products locally, organically, and ethically via fair trade and direct trade channels, and to donating a portion of our profits to social and environmental organizations that impact our community. As part of our vision for a more just, equitable and sustainable world, we strive to partner with businesses owned by women and under-served individuals. We offer a curated selection of vitamins, herbs, body care, groceries, books and yoga supplies for healthy living, just for you! ”
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Shopping Plaza
“This market is a great place to go day or night. It's chock-full of hipster things like a brewery, wine bar, vinyl shop, plant store, vintage clothing, vegetarian food, and lots of outdoor seating. ”
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“What a store! I love this place. Clothes, beautiful accessories, soaps, jewelry, so many beautiful thing from all over the world. It's perhaps my favorite local shop, after Joie de Vivre. ”
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Thrift / Vintage Store
“Hip kids seem to love this place - and you never know what you will find there”
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“Selling 19th century map and transit memorabilia (think T magnets, signs, etc). ”
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“Raven Used Books specializes in carefully selected scholarly, literary, and general books located in Harvard Square in Cambridge.”
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“Seafood grocer. Fresh seafood both prepared and to prepare yourself. Great Lobster Rolls during the summer. 10 minute walk.”
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“They sell top brand name luxury clothes. There are other numerous boutique stores all in Harvard Square just a few minutes walk away.”
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Comic Shop
“Love the folks who work here. They really know comics. Great place to get new comics and browse. They also have a large local comics section.”
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“It's all in the title - kids love this book and toy store. A Harvard Square classic.”
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Hobby Shop
“Captain America himself (Chris Evans) was here! You should check it out too!”
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