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Place of Worship
“The Nożyk Synagogue is the only surviving prewar Jewish house of prayer in Warsaw. It was built in 1898-1902 and was restored after World War II. It is still operational and currently houses the Warsaw Jewish Commune, as well as other Jewish organizations.”
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“When it comes to alcohol, Poland is associated with vodka, no questions about that. But, we also like to grab some beer or have a glass of wine. The last liquor is Robert Mielżyński hobby. He has been into import, retail and wholesale for years. Each wine is selected by Mr. Mielżyński himself and then imported from the best vineyards of the world. In the restaurant, which is located in 5/7 Burakowska street, you can taste wine individually selected according to your preferences, talk about wine culture, try other interesting flavours and listen to a concert which takes place at that moment. You can choose here from wines from all over Europe and actually the whole planet. A special offer of delicacies and accessories such as wine and balsamic vinegars, oils, pastas and sweets has been prepared for the most demanding customers. From such wide range, you can create a unique gift for your closest friends and family. The restaurant menu includes salads, meat, pastas and desserts. When making an order you can be certain that wine which will be selected for you will create a wonderful composition.”
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“nice atmosphere, good and slow food, coffe and drinks - everything you need”
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“Najlepsze burgery w Warszawie. Świetne steki i reubeny. Wiedzą tu, jak obchodzić się z mięsem.”
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“Very good polish food f ex. pierogi One of the best restaurant with polish menu. ”
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Polsk restaurang
“Polish cuisine is a must to try, but if you want you can also have cooking classess and leave our country with some delicious recipes! :) Cook, learn some history of the Polish cuisine and eat!”
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“Pizza and pasta, I'm Italian and I was impressed with the quality of the pastas”
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“A second shopping mall near by ( infront of Blue City) including restaurants, supermarket Carrefour, hair dresser, cafe bars, Mc Donalds...”
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Place to eat
“Fancy place with street food where you can eat and buy anything you can imagine :)”
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“Dobre jedzenie, na spotkanie ze znajomymi, na rodzinny obiad z planszówkami”
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“Museum of Pawiak Prison is a museum in Warsaw, Poland, established in 1965. It shows the history of Pawiak Prison which was notably used during the German occupation between 1939 and 1944.”
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“A cementery which happens to be Poland's biggest outdoor exhibit of 18th to 20th century sculpture. ”
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“Invisible Exhibition is a unique interactive journey into the invisible world, where you can try out how to cope in everyday situations without the help of sight – only by the sense of hearing, smell, balance… Exercise your senses! Trust us in the dark! At the exhibition, the guides – blind or visually impaired – will guide you on a journey that will change your life.”
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“Final resting place since 1806 of prominent Polish Jews & mass graves for victims of WWII massacres.”
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